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The Emergency that works

“Whatever the on-going emergency is, in Lombardy you just need to call 112. A great simplification that has been achieved through a complex technological and organizational work”. Alfredo Lovati, Beta 80 Group’s CEO, has recently spoken about the 112 emergency number and the recent technological developments, as the Where ARE U app. This, with its “silent-call” feature, allows performing a phone call even in the case when speaking is impossible. (video in Italian, source

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The Tavolo™ - The touch screen Control Room

The Tavolo™ is a cutting-edge technology for Emergency Control Rooms. Territory monitoring, events managing and interventions planning can be all carried out on the same screen, as big as a table and as user-friendly as a tablet. The Tavolo™  is a Beta 80 Group exclusive and can be used in any kind of Control Room.

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