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Public Safety that works

"No matter what kind of emergency is. In Lombardy region it is enough to call number 112. A very nice simplicity, which has been obtained through a complex work, both technological and organizational". Beta 80 Group's CEO Alfredo Lovati talks about the 112 emergency number and the latest technology developments, such a the Where ARE U app. Thanks to the "silent-call" function, it lets people get in touch with the PSAP even without speaking (video in Italian, source

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The Tavolo™ - Puts your CAD on the table

The Tavolo™ puts your CAD on the table. It’s the last truly innovative solution for Public Safety: territory and event control, intervention planning. From a single screen, as big as a table, as easy as a tablet, you can manage the whole CAD process. The Tavolo™ is exclusively provided by Beta 80 Group and can be integrated with any CAD system.

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