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Beta 80 Group Receives 2016 Avaya DevConnect New Partner of the Year Award

Beta 80 Group announces it has received the 2016 Avaya DevConnect New Partner of the Year Award for its iO™ suite (a special version of emma - emergency management suite dedicated to US market), an innovative and powerful Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution for e911 public safety. The solution helps PSAP call takers and dispatchers focus on their life-saving job tasks, and CAD managers to secure the proper governance for community emergency services.

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The Emergency that works

“Whatever the on-going emergency is, in Lombardy you just need to call 112. A great simplification that has been achieved through a complex technological and organizational work”. Alfredo Lovati, Beta 80 Group’s CEO, has recently spoken about the 112 emergency number and the recent technological developments, as the Where ARE U app. This, with its “silent-call” feature, allows performing a phone call even in the case when speaking is impossible. (video in Italian, source

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The Tavolo™ - The touch screen Control Room

The Tavolo™ is a cutting-edge technology for Emergency Control Rooms. Territory monitoring, events managing and interventions planning can be all carried out on the same screen, as big as a table and as user-friendly as a tablet. The Tavolo™  is a Beta 80 Group exclusive and can be used in any kind of Control Room.

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