10th April 2015

Beta 8.0 Technology, a company owned by Beta 80 Group, participates to the nineth "Betst Practice for Innovation" award, promoted by Confundustria Salerno (article in Italian)

17th March 2015
L'ADIGE - Also Trentino region towards the EEN 112

The European Emergency Number 112 is going to be alive in Trentino region within 2015. As happened in Lombardy region in the past years, the new service, which is based on emma platform by Beta 80 Group, will make available to citizens a unique number for emergency calls. (Article in Italian)


9th January 2015

"Gamification" is one of the techniques through which a city can become smart. Experts from Connected City Council will explain how to do it, in a training course designed on purpose, starting next January 21st. (Article in Italian)

24th November 2014
L'ECO DI BERGAMO - Here is the new control room. Full of technology

The provinces of Bergamo and Sondrio, and soon that of Brescia, rely on a new control room for emergency management. The best technologies for a service of public importance. (Article in Italian)

9th November 2014

It is from Naples the software that measures a smart city. Beta 80 Group participates in the "Smart Energy Master" project, which is part of PON 2007-2013, dedicated to energy control on the territory. One of the goals of the initiative is to measure how efficiently energy is utilized in a given city. Thanks to a special software, it is possible to verify the compliancy of the city to modern energy consumption criteria. The first trials have started in Naples, in those neighborhoods with the highest number of inhabitants. (Article in Italian)

26th September 2014
TMNEWS - Natural disasters, app helps filter out false alarms on social network

Twitter can help reduce the impact of natural disasters on the population. Thank TORCIA, the information on social networks related to emergencies in progress, are collected, filtered and made available to citizens to help them avoid danger situations (Article in Italian) 

25th September 2014
LA REPUBBLICA.IT - Emergency situations, the presentation of TORCIA, to communicate through social network

TORCIA is the name of the new social network built to help people in emergency situations. Thanks to te project, which has been ralized by a group of companies including Beta 80 Group, a new app is now available. People may be informed of emergency situations directly on their smartphone/tablets (Article in Italian)

10th November 2012
MONTAGNA.TV - 112 emergency number is now active all over Lombardy region

The European Unique Emergency Number 112 is now active all over Lombardy region. Any kind of emergencycall (EMS, Fire Dept, Police) is now actvated dialing a unique numebr, 112. Beta 80 Group has provided technology infrastructures and related services in order to set up Command and Control Rooms. (Article in Italian)

11th October 2012
RADIO CITTA' BENEVENTO - Beta 8.0 Technology joins Smart Health

"Smart Cities" is Italian National Operative Program dedicated to "Research and Competitivness”. Beta 8.0 Technology is among the companies that join the Program, with its "Smart Health" project. It is a contribution of advanced technology, in favour of both citizens' health and territory development. (Article in Italian)

1st October 2012
TICINO MANAGEMENT - This house is not a hotel

Beta 80 Group Swiss seat is located inside the technology park Tecnopolo-Lugano, the establisment that helps the development of high tech initiatives. In fact it is not a hotel, rather the "house" where innovation projects are conceived, in favor of Swiss enterprises. (Article in Italian)

27th September 2012
PRIMA COMUNICAZIONE - Beta 80 Group cooperates to the development of “Torcia”, a social network devoted to citizens

Through Twitter, Major of Milan Giuliano Pisapia, informed in real time citizens about underground being out of service, due to an accident. Thanks to “Torcia” project, with the collaboration of companies such as Beta 80 Group and Politecnico Foundation, social network usage will be etxendend to all authorities involved in case of accidents or other emergencies. (Article in Italian)

23rd September 2012
IL GIORNO - The long list that makes Milan great

Beta 80 Group is among the companies appointed with "Milano Produttiva" 2012 prize. Established by Milan Chamber of Commerce, the prize remarks the importance of small and medium enterprises for developing economy and territories. (Article in Italian).

31st August 2012
IL MONDO - The newco grows up at Milan's Politecnico

Beta 80 Group and Milan's Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, a long-lasting cooperation that has generated many innovative projects in several fields: energy, healthcare, telemedicine. (Article in Italian)

31st May 2012
LOGISTICA MANAGEMENT - Stante: a shipping company that takes care of logistics and IT

“Despite the short time we have been using the new WMS now, we are really satisfied with the product itself”.
The words by Marco Stante, member of the Board of Stante Group shipping company, refers to Beta 80 Group's Stockager system. (Article in Italian)

30th March 2012
LA PROVINCIA PAVESE - The direct line for emergencies is between EMS and OHMS.

Emergency Medical Services and Out of Hours Medical Services on the same technological platform. It has just happened in Pavia – Lodi. In the starting day, Sunday 25th March, the Control Room received 251 calls. The unified service is part of the optimization process pursued by the Lombardy Region. (Article in Italian)

22nd March 2012
IL DENARO - Sannio incubator grows: three new SMB's founded

Beta 8.0 Technology is one of the three new companies recently settled in Benevento area. Managing Director Moreno Carosella depicts Beta 80 Group's holding company initiative in terms of benefits for the clients: “the true innovation is the ability to bring value within a competition which has become global". Welcome Beta 8.0 Technology! (Article in Italian)

24th February 2012
IL MATTINO - Emergency, the Beta 80 Group project

The adventure of the “newborn” company of Beta 80 Group, Beta 8.0 Technology, starts with the round table “Sound Health, Integrated Healthcare”. The 24th February  2012, four GM of Campania Region hospitals together with Beta 8.0 Technology talked about innovation at the Museum of Sannio in Benevento. (Article in Italian)

16th February 2012
IL DENARO - Growth in the ICT field, Benevento welcomes Beta 8.0 Technology

The sign given by Beta 80 Group is a strong counter- tendency. The Milanese company has founded in Benevento Beta 8.0 Technology. The “newbaby born” company exploits the local resources and develops the already consistent patrimony of the head company, mainly in the Emergency Management area. Furthermore the just founded company will become a specialized centre for Document Management and Archival Science. (Article in Italian)

15th February 2012
IL MATTINO - New technology industries, Beta 8.0 is founded

Beta 80 Group has expanded its structure and has founded a new company. It is Beta 8.0 Technology, located in Benevento. The new company is managed by Moreno Carosella. (Article in Italian)

1st February 2012
LOGISTICAMENTE.IT - Let's look into the warehouse core: the WMS software

Alberto Cuccorese, responsible for Beta 80 Group's Supply Chain Division, answered questions on WMS. Features and functionality expected from warehouse control systems. (Article in Italian)

1st January 2012
LOGISTICA - Nèspresso, serving coffee in capsules.

Nèspresso, the leading brand of coffee capsules, relies on a highly efficient logistics, able to support both the product sales and the service delivery. (Article in Italian)

1st January 2012

In the Italian taps and fittings district, in Serravalle Sesia, Newform has a consolidated position, a mix of technology and design. Beta 80 Group has realized the WMS to manage the automated warehouse. (Article in Italian)

23rd December 2011
IL MATTINO - Emergencies monitored by Beta 8.0 Technology

The company “incubator” in Benevento has a new protagonist. It is Beta 8.0 Technology, the established company of the Beta 80 Group holding. The company has developed in particular two line of business: on one hand emergency, already an excellency for Beta 80 Group holding (Healthcare and Civil Protection), on the other hand the Document Management and Archival Science. (Article in Italian)

1st December 2011
EUROMERCI - Beta 80 Group, 25 years of success

Alberto Cuccorese, responsible for Beta 80 Group's Supply Chain Division, talks in an interview about the history and the future plans of the company. The logistic market is compared to the company's solutions and to its development plans in the years to come. (Article in Italian)

13th November 2011
LA PROVINCIA DI VARESE - Technology looks for companies

As CdO Informatic president, Alfredo Lovati, CEO of Beta 80 Group, and Walter Lacchini from Microsoft have spoken at the Cloud Computing Seminar, organized by Compagnia delle Opere of Saronno, Varese and  Alto Milanese. Alfredo Lovati  illustrated the possibilities offered by Cloud Computing with relation to middle size Lombardy companies' needs. The real advantages of new emerging technologies are quite often difficult to be transferred by PMI. That is why CdO Informatica contribution, through its territory widespread distribution, is realized through the attention paid to PMI's request and its capacity to listen, so to help to spread knowledge and business development. (Article in Italian)

1st October 2011
OFFICE AUTOMATION - Warehouse Management Solutions

In a special review on logistic, Office Automation has dedicated an article to Beta 80 Group's  Supply Chain, and gives an overview of the market offer. (Article in Italian)

30th September 2011
COMPUTER DEALER & VAR - Virtual Data Center. Niche technology?

In what way can SMBs benefit from cloud and virtualization ? To answer this question CD&V set up a round-table discussion with  some sector experts, among which were Massimo Rabboni and Paolo Piscopo from Beta 80 Group. One of the many keystones for SMBs is to collaborate with a specialized partner. (Article in Italian)

1st September 2011
N&A IL MENSILE DEL SOCCORSO - EEN 112: Varese is the Lombardy tour start-line

Beta 80 Group has set up the technological infrastructure of Varese’s 112 Control Room, whose positive outcomes have been highlighted by the Minister Maroni. It is the first stop-over of a trip which is going to tour the entire Lombardy Region and later on Italy. (Article in Italian)

1st September 2011
VICINI DI BANCA - The ambition to grow up. When friendship is truly “constructive“

The House Organ of the “Banche di Credito Cooperativo Lombarde” contains an interview to the Beta 80 Group’s CEO Alfredo Lovati. The company’s history is a statement of criteria for development, which at the same time shares a strong desire to be a sole leading company and to find a suitable support. BCC’s  role for company growth. (Article in Italian)

4th July 2011
CORRIERE DELLA SERA.it – Minister Maroni on the Varese 112 number: “I am very satisfied with the experimentation”

Just over a year since the first 112 Operations Centre started up in Varese, Minister Maroni and Governor Formigoni comment on the experimentation work carried out up to now and point the way forward for the future. (Article in Italian)

26th May 2011
IL SECOLO XIX - Regione Lombardia radio link system awarded to the Selex Communications and Beta 80 Group consortium

The consortium, led by Finmeccanica Group's Selex Communications and comprising, Beta80 Group and Telecom Italia, among others, was awarded the 20 million Euro contract to implement the Regione Lombardia radio link system. The system will come into operation in 2012 and, in view of the forthcoming Expo 2015, will guarantee regional radio links for Civil Defence, 118 Emergencies and forest fire services. (Article in Italian)

26th May 2011
CORRIERE MERCANTILE- Selex merges with Elsag Datamat and wins the bid for Lombard radio links. Beta 80 Group in the consortium

While the merger between Elsag Datamat and Selex Communications gets under way, the latter company has won the 20-million Euro bid to implement the Regione Lombardia radio link system. Beta 80 Group forms part of the consortium awarded the contract: its task will be to guarantee the technological expansion and updating of the radio networks serving Civil Defence, 118 Emergencies, forest fires and the police, in view of the forthcoming Expo 2015. (Article in Italian)

11th May 2011
IL SOLE 24 ORE NORDEST – Entrepreneurs in the Veneto region in pole position. They aren’t afraid of novelty in the north-east

This is one of the news items coming from Smau Padua, on the day after the event closed. Awards were given to innovators of excellence, including Beta 80 Group with the Mobile Intelligence project developed for Brix Distribuzione in partnership with Oracle. (Article in Italian)

6th May 2011
DATA MANAGER ONLINE – SMAU Padua: 6 companies from north-east Italy won the ICT

Innovation Award. Success of Beta 80 Group at SMAU Padua 2011. The Mobile Intelligence project, developed for Brix Distribution in partnership with Oracle, obtained one of the 6 ICT Innovation Awards in the north-east, in the Business Intelligence section. (Article in Italian)

5th May 2011
DATA MANAGER ONLINE – SMAU Padua closes with over 3100 visitors

Attendances up by 12% compared with 2010. The 2011 edition of SMAU Padua attracted some outstanding names, from companies that use technology (60%) and supply companies (40%). One item of special interest in the event was the ICT Innovation Award, won by Beta 80 Group in the Business Intelligence section. (Article in Italian)

21st April 2011
GAZZETTA DI PARMA – Logistics, ancient origins to be “reinterpreted”

Logistics is a basic element for developing a business. This was the theme discussed at the annual congress organized by Logisticamente. The conference also saw the presentation of the success story of F.lli Carli, in the field of warehouse automation. Illustrating the case were Federico Calzamiglia and Edoardo Flumiani from F.lli Carli, together with Roberto Ronchiadin of Beta 80 Group, suppliers of the technological solutions. (Article in Italian)

1st February 2011
SISTEMI E IMPRESA – Green Public Procurement, all-round energy efficiency

Green Public Procurement as a model for controlling both energy and economic efficiency. Beta 80 Group, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, has developed a research project on the theme of GPP for Regione Lombardia. (Article in Italian)

1st February 2011
LOGISTICA – Interactive planning for transport

Its name is a person's first name and, just like any individual, it has its own intelligence and abilities. CarLo® is a metaphorical way of describing the new transport planning software created by the German company Soloplan and distributed in Italy by Beta 80 Group. Intelligent interfaces, drag&drop functions, GPS connections and CRM modules to manage customer relations perfectly. CarLo® goes absolutely everywhere. (Article in Italian)

1st February 2011
IL GIORNALE DELLA LOGISTICA – Warehouse intelligence

There are two new Beta 80 Group features in the Supply chain world. The first is called Verti-GO and is Beta 80 Group's proprietary software dedicated to managing vertical storage. The second is called CarLo and is the software developed by the German company Soloplan, dedicated to transportation management, which is distributed in Italy by Beta 80 Group. (Article in Italian)

30th December 2010
LA NUOVA SARDEGNA – 118 on line for information

The Cagliari ASL 8 health authority has set up a telematic information service - the first in Italy - for 118 interventions to press organizations. The technology is based on Beta 80 Group's emma platform. (Article in Italian)

30th December 2010
IL GIORNO – 112 Single Emergency Number – over 350,000 contacts in six months

The trials in Varese of the 112 Single Number, based on Beta 80 Group's emma technology, have produced excellent results. In the first six months, a total of 353,657 calls have been dealt with. (Article in Italian)

1st December 2010
TRASPORTI NEWS – Beta 80 Group in partnership with Soloplan

The transportation-sector specialist publication brings the news of the partnership agreement between Beta 80 Group and Soloplan for distribution in Italy of CarLo, the leading TMS software platform. (Article in Italian)

1st December 2010
IL GIORNALE DELLA LOGISTICA – When logistics are “al dente”

Isolfen Sud, controlled by De Matteis Agroalimentare - one of the top four Italian pasta-makers for volume of production - gives Stocklin and Beta 80 Group the job of automating its warehouse. The factory, located in Avellino province, covers 4,000 sq. m. and has more than 30,000 pallet positions. (Article in Italian)

1st November 2010
DATA MANAGER – TOP 100, the ranking of software and services companies in Italy

Data Manager publishes the rankings of software and IT service companies, worked out by IDC Italia. With a percentage growth compared with the previous year of +10.6%, Beta 80 Group goes up in the rankings, to reach position number 81. (Article in Italian)

1st November 2010
EUROMERCI – For transportation, there’s now CarLo

"We have long been concentrating on storage and we are very clear about the problems of goods transportation". Alberto Cuccorese, Supply Chain Management Division manager for Beta 80 Group, illustrates his company's position in the world of logistics and the value of the partnership with the German company Soloplan for distributing CarLo. (Article in Italian)

1st October 2010
COMPUTER DEALER & VAR – The green data center is created in Italy

Beta 80 Group is a technological partner of the Energ-IT project, financed by Regione Lombardia and led by the Politecnico di Milano. We have here the first indications on how to build a "green" data center. (Article in Italian)

1st October 2010
ZEROUNO – Energ-It green data centers also for SMEs

Over two years of research, and the Energ-IT project has borne fruit: tools that aim to "redesign" the existing machines in data centers. (Article in Italian)

6th August 2010
IL MONDO – Do you need a formula for cutting consumption?

65% savings on electricity use. With an algorithm to show how to rationalize the activities of company data centers. (Article in Italian)

1st July 2010
CODICE ROSSO 115 – 112: Italy gives the go-ahead for new trials in Varese

At Villa Recalcati, Headquarters of the Varese Province and Prefecture, Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni and Regione Lombardia Chairman Roberto Formigoni took part in the official opening ceremony for the 112 Single Number trials. (Article in Italian)

1st July 2010
LA PROTEZIONE CIVILE ITALIANA – The emergency services have just one number:112

Trials on the 112 number are under way. The system will be tested in Varese, with the expectation that the service will be extended to the whole region. (Article in Italian)

30th June 2010
COMPUTERWORLD – 112: Italy finally tests the Single Emergency Number

A few days ago, in the presence of various authorities including Minister Roberto Maroni and Chairman Roberto Formigoni, the startup of the trials for the 112 Single Emergency Number was announced; in time, this number will replace the 113, 115 and 118 numbers. Beta 80 Group has supplied its emma - emergency management - solution to launch the trials. (Article in Italian)

1st June 2010
COMPUTERWORLD – GREEN IT: scenarios and prospects

IDC has recently collaborated in the development of the Energ-IT initiative, whose partners include Beta 80 Group. The aim of the ICD research was to analyse the energy efficiency of SMEs. (Article in Italian)

17th April 2010
GAZZETTA DI PARMA – “LOGISTICAMENTE” event, 21st April: solutions for the supply chain

The program for the conference features the Thun Logistics success story. To talk about it, Alessio Loghini, director of the company and Alberto Cuccorese, Supply Chain Solutions manager for Beta 80 Group. (Article in Italian)

1st April 2010
EGOV – The Energ-IT project, calculating the energy efficiency of data centers

Beta 80 Group's Daniele Bianchi illustrates the results of the project. The possible savings for those who choose Green IT. (Article in Italian)

1st April 2010
ENERGIA24 – A team to prise out and combat energy guzzlers in data centers

How to create greener IT infrastructures? Energ-IT will tell us, in this project financed by the Regione Lombardia with the participation of Beta 80 Group. (Article in Italian)

1st April 2010
EUROMERCI – Thun Logistics backs technology

In partnership with Beta 80 Group, the company has created an automated platform governed by latest generation software. (Article in Italian)

1st April 2010
IL GIORNALE DELLA LOGISTICA – Beta 80 Group. More than a WMS: – a partner

Stockager is the innovative WMS created by Beta 80 Group to optimize and simplify the operational management of warehouses large and small, and even complex ones. (Article in Italian)

12th March 2010
01NET.CIO – Beta 80 Group and Itsm applied to Itil

In partnership with Hp, the Milan system integrator has chosen the unusual context of the San Siro Meazza Stadium to promote IT Service Management services (Article in Italian)

12th March 2010
DATA MANAGER ONLINE – Beta 80 and HP win the ICT challenge

How to make your company's business grow through the IT infrastructure? The leading players at "Start closing the gap", the event organized by Beta 80 Group and HP at the Milan Meazza Stadium, respond to these and other queries. (Article in Italian)

1st March 2010
LOGISTICA – 32,000 pallet positions for Unilever

Innocenti Depositi has built a new warehouse to meet its customers' requests. Beta 80 Group supplies the software to manage the warehouse. (Article in Italian)

1st March 2010
OFFICE AUTOMATION – For Beta 80 Group and HP, Itil is a winner

A correct, concrete approach to this issue can help companies to improve quality of services. This is the theme of a conference organized in Milan by the two companies. (Article in Italian)

1st March 2010
TOOLNEWS – The first results from the Energ-It project

The first technologies for reducing and controlling energy consumption in data centers have emerged from the ENERG-IT project, financed by Regione Lombardia. (Article in Italian)

1st March 2010
ZEROUNO – Green data centers: paths, techniques and ideas

Consuming less energy is good for nature and our wallet. We have to work out a path that leads to company IT sustainability. (Article in Italian)

26th February 2010
IL SOLE 24 ORE.COM – BPP chooses Oracle’s Business Intelligence

With the backing of Beta 80 Group, Bpp Gas has chosen Oracle Business Intelligence. Thanks to the system that has been developed, the company can now rely on a valid support for management control and evaluate the profitability of each link in the sales chain. (Article in Italian)

25th January 2010
COMPUTERWORLD – Energ-IT project for datacenters; Beta 80 Group reviews progress

A few weeks ago the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano presented the state of progress of Energ-IT, the project that started up in November 2008 with the aim of reducing and controlling energy consumption in data centers. (Article in Italian)

1st December 2009
CORRIERE DELLE OPERE – Out of the earthquake, a great lesson for life

On the day after the earthquake, Beta 80 Group personnel work hard to restore the Operations Centre at L'Aquila. Here is a report from those involved. (Article in Italian)

1st December 2009
IL GIORNALE DELLA LOGISTICA – A warehouse of steel muscles

Automation in logistics is never a choice to be taken for granted: but the courage to change and move into new areas enables you to achieve objectives that are not within reach of those who remain chained to the usual systems. (Article in Italian)

23rd November 2009
IL SOLE 24 ORE NORDEST – A frontline role in emergencies

In the Italian ICT market, Beta 80 Group is a system integrator that has become very successful in the Emergency Management, Supply Chain, Business Solutions and ICT Management areas. (Article in Italian)

13th October 2009
QUOTIDIANO ENERGIA – Intelligent Energy. Buildings: the EnerTec project

Presentation of the first results of the EnerTec project, financed by Regione Lombardia and led by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano together with Beta 80 Group, Sdi Automazione Industriale, Misarc and Solarday. (Article in Italian)

1st September 2009
LOGISTICA – Gift items. The ceramics workshop

Mantua is the location for the new Distribution Centre for Thun, the brand-that invented the little ceramic angels. Beta 80 Group took part in the warehouse automation project. (Article in Italian)

1st December 2008
IL GIORNALE DELLA LOGISTICA – And logistics is served

Experience and tradition combined with technology and innovation. A winning mix that has enabled Pastificio Granoro pasta-manufacturers to obtain very high quality standards, in line with their centuries-old traditions. (Article in Italian)

1st November 2008
IL GIORNALE DELLA LOGISTICA – The warehouse is everywhere

Developed according to a web architecture, the new Beta 80 WMS makes the warehouse accessible from anywhere, simply and completely securely. (Article in Italian)

1st November 2008
LOGISTICA – Technology and creativity. Sales speeded up

A concrete case of technological creativity applied to sales processes. In a dynamic organizational context, cutting-edge technologies relating to radio frequency identification combine and collaborate with the creativity typical of Italian-made fashion. (Article in Italian)

1st February 2008
IL PONTE – A software system to save lives

Oscar Bocchini of Beta 80 Group, one of the greatest experts in emma - emergency management, the proprietary platform for managing Operations Centres - talks about citizens' "need for health". (Article in Italian)

1st September 2007
LOGISTICA – WMS – A ghost that works

Warehouse management systems comprise advanced, flexible information structures, with strategic value, even though they are perceived by end users as commodities. A success story in the logistics and transportation sector. (Article in Italian)

1st June 2007
LA PROTEZIONE CIVILE ITALIANA- Cutting-edge technologies supporting emergency healthcare interventions

The Major Emergencies Special Unit of the Milan SSUEM 118 has a microcamera with laser targeting system. Beta 80 Group's emma - emergency management - platform integrates the most cutting-edge technologies. (Article in Italian)

1st January 2006
IL GIORNALE DELLA LOGISTICA – Logistics “al dente”

There's a historic pasta factory in the heart of the Sannio area. It's a company with 160 years' experience and, since last May, it has had an automatic vertical warehouse able to handle and store tonnes of pasta that are directed towards tables the whole world over! (Article in Italian)

30th November -0001
IL GIORNALE DELLA LOGISTICA - Go on with confidence

In his article, Paolo Azzali takes his cue from Beta 80 Group's summer gadget and remarks the necessity of confidence. The relationship between individuals is the engine of the enterprise. (Article in Italian)