An effective datawarehouse system helps companies in performing in-depth, detailed analysis of information thus improving the company's global performance. Datawarehouse solutions enable the most profitable commercial partners to be identified and promote improvements in the collaborative process; they allow management and financial reporting to be integrated, thus improving performances. In addition, datawarehouse solutions reduce direct and indirect costs of the various teams, improve the use of capital thanks to more accurate forecasting, and make service to customers more efficient.


Exhaustive, accurate information to take decisions rapidly and effectively. A company's performances depend on the degree of flexibility, the skill to understand what will happen internally and externally and on the ability to general alternative plans quickly. Thanks to datawarehouse initiatives, the company is able to adapt more rapidly to market changes and distance itself from the competitors.


Business Intelligence and datawarehouse are the areas of intervention to speed up access to the information that determines the direction of the business. At the end of the 1990s companies had invested in ERP systems for planning, execution and control of company processes, and in CRM systems to share data and manage relationship with customers. Since then, companies have started to generate a larger and larger mass of data and information. The next step has been to collect and understand the information, in order to improve company skills in managing costs and profits. For it to be useful, the information generated has to be accurate and consistent with the analysis to be performed. Many companies find it difficult to obtain data from the various systems and to send the correct information to the people involved, in times that are acceptable.The most frequent risks is to have contrasting versions of the same data and valuable information is in danger of disappearing altogether. Here comes datawarehouse solutions, with the aim of checking and consolidating operations, thus obtaining a single version of the data and transforming it into strategic information.


Beta 80 Group offers various solutions depending on the complexity and the characteristics of the specific case. The aim is to ensure total autonomy of users, thanks to business-friendly interfaces that do not require technical skills or knowhow. The users themselves create reports and interactive dashboard by means of suitable web interfaces.