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Human capital is the main asset of our company. Developing it is our duty. That is because the company (and our people) reach and exceed their goals. Our mantras are:

Expertise: our customers demand value and we express it with our technical and managerial expertise, often certified on some of the most topical technologies and methodologies on the market. Our pledge is to exceed expectations, also when tackling the challenges that every project and service demands. And that is what we do by making ourselves be recognised for the expertise we demonstrate in the field and by letting the customer say, “It’s Beta 80’s”.

Responsibility: only responsibility expressed in full relief allows us to endorse and carry forward a task with enthusiasm, govern what is entrusted to us as if everything depended on us, but knowing that we are backed by the necessary esteem, confidence and support.

Ongoing dialogue: expertise and responsibility grow in the midst of ongoing dialogue, where you take a step back to listen to the others and then take a step forward to back them, guide them, spur them to thoroughly live up to their own responsibilities, whatever they may be. Dialogue means feedback awareness, which is helpful for together building a path that takes into account abilities, ambitions and potentials and for placing clear responsibilities on the line.

Self-promotion: we urge it, we look for it and we build it because we believe in the possibility that work offers people the chance to express themselves and to emerge, and because we are sure that Beta 80 can achieve its goals thanks to its people and their way of interpreting responsibility and work.


Beta 80’s headquarters are in Milan, in an area easy to reach both by public transportation and by car coming from the most important motorways. We guarantee accessibility and comfort from the early morning hours until evening. We decided to tackle the work space evolution theme by considering growth, the main trends and stimuli coming from changing habits. Today’s spaces cannot be yesterday’s: Work methods change, just as people’s needs do. Beta 80 is constantly in search of room layouts, methods and tools that foster collaboration and approach, and that reduce distances and encourage the growth of concrete and effective relationships. At the same time, the right importance is given to privacy with dedicated spaces in order to aid the concentration of creative work.


Having the opportunity to better understand “where one is at”, what one is doing and where one is going is certainly essential, especially after just arriving at the company. Being able to talk about it face to face with management is an opportunity not to be missed. And so, Beta 80 came up with the Neophyte Seminar many years ago. With its formulas that adapt to the changing times, it is a path that draws one closer to the company’s contents first through multimedia contributions and them through one-on-one discussion with management. One has the opportunity to ask questions and make observations on their first job period in an actual round table discussion, and in this way help us build a better environment.