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FINANCE - Studying competitors’ web presence
"What are the strong and weak points of our websiteo? How attractive is the competition's web presencer? Analyses conducted with eye tracker give clear reponses and show where and how to intervene."
INDUSTRIAL DESIGN - Implementation of a WMS system system for automatic mini-load warehousing
"Working in the Industrial Design area means creating stylish products that transmit quality and a search for perfection. Taking care of logistics facilities right down to the smallest detail confirms the perception of an excellent product and enhances both brand image and reputation."
INSURANCE - Implementation of a PPM system to define processes and support systems
"Developing the organizational capacity to manage investment lifecycles in an orderly way, supported by efficient PPM systems, is the key to qualifying IT Management as a strategic partner in company business."
LOCAL HEALTH AUTHORITIES - Consultancy and support for using CRS-SISS services
"The Regional Services Charter (CRS) is an innovative tool devised by Regione Lombardia to facilitate relationships between citizens, businesses and Public Administration in daily life."

SERVICES - CRS-SISS – Creation of “Support to User” services
"The Regional Services Charter (CRS) is an innovative tool devised by Regione Lombardia to facilitate relationships between citizens, businesses and Public Administration in daily life."

SERVICES - ICT - Monitoring and Help Desk Services
"Professionalism and efficiency in monitoring activities form the basis for constructing a valid relationship with customers. Activities carried out with a view to rationalizing costs and optimizing management processes enable the service culture to grow."
TELCO - Managing application "problems": Defect Management
"Implementing Defect Management through suitable models and tools leads to a reduction of over 70% in average End-to-End solving times and a drop in the number of Defects open."
TELCO - Application Maintenance “OSS Support”
The client is a leading company supplying broadband connectivity services. In the market of services with high technological content, maintaining software applications is of strategic importance for ensuring a high level of service.
TELCO - Service Desk
"Supplying users with services that have high added value means guaranteeing high quality standards. In this respect, the efficient monitoring of services represents the first step to consolidate one's image and increase one's good reputation with users."
TELCO - Control Operations
"Converging connectivity services on one single mobile device and exploiting the contents requires a very high-efficiency monitoring function for services. Monitoring services provided to users is the first line in the relationship with the clients, and is therefore the most vulnerable aspect of it."
TELCO - Managing the Network Management Centre
"For companies supplying services with high technological content, as in the Telco sector, monitoring network and services infrastructures is of strategic importance. Ensuring a high quality of service from the monitoring frontline means achieving loyalty, credit and respect from all users of the service."
TELCO - Monitoring ICT services and infrastructures
The company is a leading operator internationally in the mobile telephone sector. In the Telco market, the activity of monitoring networks, services and infrastructures has a strategic relevance. Monitoring is useful in customer service and strongly influences the company's image towards users.
TELCO - CRM system to support dealers
Managing relations with dealers or other business partners is a highly complex task. Interlocutors frequently change, there isn't a fixed number of them and requests vary over time. Loyalty has to be created in dealers and business partners, by offering efficient services that will help them in their work, and paying attention to each individual need. CRM solutions greatly improve quality standards in managing these relations, and offer methods to ensure the full satisfaction of the partners, who are treated with the care that is normally reserved for customers.