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About Us


Consulting, system integrations, application delivery, operations. Beta 80 supports and accompanies its customers along their path leading to Digital Transformation. It does so with solutions based on proprietary technological platforms and/or the market’s best-of-breed components. The solidity built over the years is a benefit for our customers who, as real partners, follow a path marked by results and innovation along with us. With its headquarters in Milan, Beta 80 operates throughout Italy and internationally to design the best solution in its particular context for each and every customer.

Our mission is to reach and exceed the customers’ business objectives in a global perspective based on the experience and expertise that form the best Digital Transformation solutions. Technological excellence and the knowledge assets of people are the key factors in Beta 80’s development. Giving value to human assets to leave a mark that withstands time and that can transform reality, improving it. How? By looking for new ideas. Learning all the time. Growing even more. Beta 80 has built its business history on the foundation of ongoing comparison in order to find models, references and methods that turn into culture. The company pursues a long-term, non-speculative entrepreneurial project. The company is totally owned by its shareholders. Annual profits are always 100% re-invested in the company’s growth. In this way, the company’s development in its strategic and technological components benefits every collaborator, the customers and the entire company. Being impassioned and determined professionals at every level of the company is the reason that turns a title into reality. Exceed it.


Young engineers fresh out of the Politecnico Milano university with their engineering degrees had the idea of sharing a common professional project. Passion, enterprise, responsibility: Beta 80 was formed in 1986 to develop software and application systems. Steady growth, backed by precise choices, followed over the years. Offices were progressively opened in Italy to support the business, the customers, and to penetrate specific market sectors. Managers with consolidated experience started to join the company in the mid-’90s in order to introduce a new ethos, cover the areas of responsibility that were strengthening, complete the organisation and stimulate the growth of middle management. Afterwards, companies specialised in specific areas of supply were formed or acquired to strengthen the portfolio taken onto the market. The acquisition of projects and customers around the world: Europe, the Far East and the Americas. Along its course of development, Beta 80 has constantly increased its turnover and number of employees. Its collaborators topped 600 and turnover reached Euro 45 million last year. Beta 80 has 6 operating units in Italy and sales representative offices in Europe and the USA.


Those who are at the helm of Beta 80 have one passion in common, Beta 80, and one mandate: work together to develop the group. Each one has brought to the company distinctive expertise, experience and vision, which ensures the company the right conditions for developing its offering and its people today and in the future.


Beta 80 is highly visible in the major market sectors with three Business Units focused on precise areas of supply and an area dedicated to international development. The benefits that the customers reap are high quality services, quick response and operational flexibility.