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Where We Are Located


Beta 80 Group has expanded its business with the opening of offices both in Italy and in foreign countries. The need to support customers or to supervise market areas in certain geographical zones has led to the establishment of new offices and/or sales representative offices in Italy and abroad.

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Beta 80 Group’s headquarters are in Milan, and another five offices are located in Rome, Benevento, Varese, Mantua and Udine. Beta 80 is active abroad with offices and sales representative offices in Europe and the Americas. The company’s operating spectrum is global. In the Emergency & Crisis Management sector, we bring our contribution of knowledge of processes and experience and technology, with solutions meeting both the European (EENA) and US (ProQA) standards, into international forums. Our proprietary Supply Chain & Warehouse Management solutions have been selected by multinational customers the world over: in addition to Europe (France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Switzerland), we are present in Mexico, Brazil, China, Bangladesh, India and Hong Kong.