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Public Safety



Starting from 2018, the eCall system will be installed by law on all EU vehicles, allowing to quickly aid victims of road accidents. The eCall system automatically detects the impact and position of the vehicle, and alerts the emergency services, even if the people involves are unconscious. Calls can also be made manually in the case of malaise or when one witnesses an accident. .Beta 80 is at the forefront of eCall technology and its integration with 112 PSAPs, having led two of the European Pilot Projects.


½The proven experience in the design and installation of 112 PSAPs, and the constant research and study of new technologies led Beta 80 to be one of the first companies in Europe to implement the eCall system in pre-existing PSAPs. We led the pilot test in Varese, which will serve as an example for the Italian Republic and additionally installed the eCall system in Lithuania. Our experience as a system integrator and our vast knowledge of the eCall technology allows us to deliver a cost effective and customizable solution, that fits the PSAP’s unique needs in a short timeframe.





eCall is now mandatory in all EU member states; PSAPs must now integrate this new technology in their current emergency management systems. Beta 80, thanks to its vast experience in eCall technology integration, supports PSAP in their transition to the new system, perfectly adapting it to the PSAP’s unique needs. Beta has been part of the original EU pilot study “H_eERO” in 2011. Since then we have continued to study and support eCall technology. Beta 80 was pioneer – with AREU, Magneti Marelli, the Fiat Research Centre and TIM – in the study of the eCall technology, and worked on the Italian pilot project. Between 2015 and 2017 Beta 80 headed the new European “I_HeERO” project dedicated to the future generation of eCall (heavy vehicles, motorbikes) and to the methods of exchanging data between bodies involved in a road accident. Always on the cutting edge and recognised as the leading company in the sector, Beta 80 offers a complete eCall (in-band modem) solution for 112 PSAPs currently successfully installed in Italy and in Lithuania.