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Very few things are as delicate as medical assistance. For over 25 years Beta 80 has been making software solutions to support all emergency phases: call handling, on-field coordination, patient transport, large-scale emergencies management atc. In all emergencies, Beta 80 offers the correct solution for all your PSAP’s needs. . Furthermore, the solutions of Unified Communication streamline the exchange of information with the mobile resources in the field. emma is at the citizens’ side with Where Are U, the only official authorised app for emergency calls.


Beta 80 has been supporting EMS PSAPs operators for more than 25 years with emma software suite; a modular solution covering every emergency response phase, from Call Taking to Dispatching, Tracking and Reporting to operations in the field. Our experience allows us to design and install customised systems to support dispatchers in their everyday job, both at headquarters and in the field. The system integrates with the leading world partners, such as Avaya and Priority Dispatch, to guarantee ultimate quality and security. Today Beta 80 operates in 67 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) that respond to millions of calls a year and work with a 99.9% certified SLA.

½A few examples:

½MILAN The metropolitan area is characterised by a high population density, with 4.3 million residents and 500,000 commuters on work days.

½VENICE The city standing on the lagoon and its artificial canals has to handle emergency calls in critical environmental situations while at the same time guaranteeing the same service levels.

½ABRUZZO L’Aquila. The city is undergoing its reconstruction following the very serious earthquake of 2008.



Beta 80 has been supplying reliable and flexible end-to-end EMS solutions for more than 25 years. Our world class CAD software suite integrates with all the leading public safety technology both in Europe and worldwide. With emma you can:


With emma you can:

  • Integrate a vast number of PBXs
  • Integrate radio systems and GPSs
  • Use GIS systems for localisation
  • Switch on applications remotely
  • Use highly reliable hardware infrastructure
  • Integration and interoperability with the organisations involved in emergency operations for various reasons.







emma leverages a components-based architecture, SOA (Solution Oriented Architecture). It consists of a set of stand-alone application modules, each one dedicated to a specific function. New technologies and functions are easily added by means of modules developed expressly for the purpose. This type of architecture guarantees scalability and evolution of the entire system.

emma is currently made up of the following modules:

  • Event Creation
  • Dispatch & Unit Recommendations
  • AVL
  • Mobile Applications
  • GIS
  • Integration Framework and Data Conversion
  • Health Filter
  • Messaging
  • App for the Citizen
  • Configuration and Administration Module
  • Web
  • BI & Dashboards
  • The Tavolo®
  • CTI / Recording
  • Radio
  • Document Management
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Incident Creation