What kind emergency is yours?
The Emergency concept is broad, diversified and can be applied to many contexts.  A heart attack, a fire, a blackout, an earthquake and a flooding are all emergencies, which have different complexity and specificity levels that need to be taken into account. In the last few years we have tried very hard to turn informatics and technology into a supporting factor in managing critical cases.      
We have done this interacting with the market and our clients, and studying the methodologies and the best practice as well as selecting the opportunities offered by technologies.
Up to date emma can provide support in the following situations:

  • Long-term emergencies that require the collaboration of several people who have diversified competences. In this case Civil Protection is the typical system, both at a provincial and regional level.
  • Emergencies that can impact Assets, structures and hinder business. These are the emergencies that impact the productive processes typically of private companies.
  • Emergencies that affect citizens in their every day life. These are healthcare emergencies or concerning people’s safety that require an emergency intervention. Once more a typical client is the public administration, the Regional or National Agencies that manage this service.
  • Serious cases, which cannot be postponed. There are other cases not classified as emergency that cannot be in any case postponed. These services are generally provided by private organizations whose goal is to manage these services. As well as public administrations, clients can be privates that provide specific services (e.g. insurance companies).