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Beta 80 Live. Participation in external events and the organization of internal initiatives. Moments of sharing of corporate life and promotion of the Beta 80 brand in sector events. “Communication, the human connection, is the key to personal and career success”.


To become external, communication begins internally. When entering the company, one of the fundamental steps of the newly hired individual is the neophyte seminar. A path of knowledge beyond organizational and procedural structures. It is an immersion in the history and values ​​of the company, those that still make it a unique reality in the national ICT landscape.

Beta 80 chooses to concentrate in a single moment the meeting between all the company’s collaborators: an annual convention for sharing and comparing different experiences. If the kick off is a one-shot assembly, characterized by lean and focused messages, there are different moments of communication and sharing during the course of the year. Thematic workshops where colleagues or consultants make their skills available to provide ideas for reflection and growth. Opportunities that contribute to the professional evolution of the person in a world that constantly changes its coordinates.

Cognitive Hack “Unleash your Brain”. ServiceNow “Beyond Digital Transformation”. BMC Partner Day. EENA Conference. These are just some of the events organized or followed by Beta 80. All of the company’s Businss Unit, from Emergency Management to Supply Chain and ICT Services, have given visibility to their offer or celebrated important goals. But also the HR Department: “Are you the one we’re looking for?” It is the question-provocation that stands out behind the booth: a clear invitation for all the participants to the convention of the developers. Different ways to make visible and bring out the values ​​that distinguish us as Beta 80.Exceed IT.