22nd April 2011

Beta 80 Group presents the F.lli Carli success story at Logisticamente

"Beta 80 Group serving the good taste and style of F.lli Carli: Italian-made goods are, once again, a success story".
There are the closing words of the film in which Beta 80 Group narrates the success story of F.lli Carli, during the annual Logisticamente conference held at Salsomaggiore (Parma) on 21st April last. WMS solutions and the Stockager proprietary platform are at the heart of the project developed by Beta 80 Group, which enables F.lli Carli to control operations in three different warehouses.

Federico Calzamiglia and Edoardo Flumiani, respectively Operations Manager and Information Systems Manager for F.lli Carli, presented the salient features of the project, together with Roberto Ronchiadin, Beta 80 Group's Business Development Manager.

Their intervention contributed to highlighting how an efficient logistics system can significantly support a company's core business. The talk was central to the main theme of the conference, which was to underline how the Supply Chain is one of the strategic values for the development of a business.



21st April 2011
Beta 80 Group - Suces story F.lli Carli
Specific solutions for three different warehouses. The salient features of the F.lli Carli project narrated in a delightful video. (Video in Italian)