23rd September 2016
Big Data, big business - Beta 80 Group sponsorizes Informatica World Tour 2016
Big Data, big business - Beta 80 Group is part of Informatica World Tour 2016 - Data Power Business event
6th June 2015
AGILE & DEVOPS: YES, WE CAN CHANGE - FREE SEMINAR Beta 80 Group and inspearit Group organize a free seminar on Agile Methods and DevOps tecniques. June 25th, 2015, 9:30 - 13:00, Sheraton Diana Majestic Hotel, Viale Piave 42, Milan.
23rd April 2015
"Outstanding Emergency Call Center" Award 2015 assigned to AREU, the Italian agency also responsible for emergency call center activities in Lombardy region.
25th March 2014
TORCIA project will be presented at EENA Conference in Varsaw
From 2nd to 4th April, 2014 will take place in Varsaw the annual EENA - European Emergency Number Association conference. EENA’s mission is to promotes knowledge and use of 112 emergency number in Europe. Beta 80 Group will show TORCIA project in an ad-hoc speech. TORCIA’s goal is to use web 2.0 and social data within emergency management issues.
29th March 2013
BI - Business Intelligence is a great resource in times when everyone is compelled in making sharp analysis on turnover and revenues. In a free seminar, Beta 80 Group and AAC Consulting offer real world examples on BI - Business Intelligence and the benefits it can bring to enterprisees.
5th November 2012
An automated dialling which can save a life.
At the presence of European Commission Vice Presidente Neelie Kroes, "eCall" prototype has been showed during Wien exhibition. The device, installed on vehicles, is able to automatically start an emergency call to 112 number in case of car accidents.
22nd March 2012
ISNR at Abu Dhabi. Together with emma towards a safer world
Beta 80 Group has just presented at Abu Dhabi the emma solution for emergency management and homeland security. ISNR - International Security & National Resilience - has been the event where, every two years, agencies and institutions of the Meddle-East and Asian area gather, giving them a chance to get in touch with the international key players of this sector.
10th November 2011
The Frecce Tricolori testimonial at the Oracle Enterprise Innovation Days 2011 event . Beta 80 Group presents an IT Cost Allocation solution
Putting a lot of care into details, accurate analysis and constant checks. These are some of the lessons given by the Frecce Tricolori at Oracle Enterprise Innovation Days. And Beta 80 Group remains faithful to this view using exactly the same approach with IT Cost Allocation. At the round-table discussion dedicated to this subject, Angelo Rotunno and Claudio Pasquali of Beta 80 Group, tackled this topic and got the audience's acknowledge.
28th June 2011
In John Malkovich’s new premises, the star performer is Beta 80 Group’s Mobile Device Management
TT Tecnosistemi organized its technological Open Day in the surroundings of John Malkovich’s “Opificio”. Beta 80 Group, partner and guest of the company in Prato, was present with its Mobile Device Management and became the day’s star attraction. Companies in all sectors demonstrated great interest in Beta 80 Group’s solutions, which allows smart devices to be managed in ICT infrastructures.
9th May 2011
Smau and Politecnico di Milano give an award to Beta 80 Group’s Mobile Intelligence
Beta 80 Group was awarded the ICT Innovation Prize in the North-east for the Business Intelligence section. Smau Padova, together with the Politecnico di Milano School of Management, identified in the Brix Distribuzione Mobile Intelligence, developed by Beta 80 Group in partnership with Oracle, as the best example of a support for decision-making processes. The subject is central to those who, like Brix Distribuzione, work in sectors such as large scale retail.
22nd April 2011
Beta 80 Group presents the F.lli Carli success story at Logisticamente
The F.lli Carli success story was Beta 80 Group’s jewel in the crown at the annual Logisticamente event held in Salsomaggiore (Parma) on 21st April 2011. This sector event brings together the greatest experts in logistics and features the most important new developments and market issues in the Supply Chain world.
18th April 2011
EENA 112 – Beta 80 Group presents the Milan success story in Budapest
At the annual conference of the European Emergency Number Association – EENA 112, the association for the development of the 112 European Emergency Number – Beta 80 Group presents the success story of Milan. emma technology is at the heart of the Out of Hours Medical Services (OHMS) carried out in the city of Milan.
11th November 2010
itSMF Forum 2010: Maurizia Cacciatori, celebrity spokesperson for Beta 80 Group
On 11th November last, the itSMF 2010, the Forum on Service Management Facility issues, took place in Milan. Maurizia Cacciatori, Italvolley champion, was the celebrity spokesperson for Beta 80 Group on the conference issues. Through a specially-recorded video interview, the volleyball champion offers a delightful analogy between the world of sport and the world of IT.