18th April 2011

EENA 112 – Beta 80 Group presents the Milan success story in Budapest

OHMS - Out of Hours Medical Services managed by emma technology is a success story on a European scale. At the EENA 112 - European Emergency Number Association - annual conference that took place in Budapest from 13th to 15th April 2011, Beta 80 Group presented the results of the Milan success story. Oscar Bocchini, Beta 80 Group's International Business Development Manager, illustrated to the audience the features of the project, which can be taken as a reference example in Europe because of its unique quality.

Thanks to emma technology, an Operations Centre has been created, to manage calls for (non-emergency) medical assistance in the absence of the family doctor. The theme is of great interest on a European level: the OHMS Operations Centre represents, in fact, the link in the chain between emergency service management and general practice. Integration of different services (Emergency and OHMS) is the key element for creating significant change. Combining the work and sharing common databases contribute to greater efficiency in the health services offered to citizens.

Oscar Bocchini's intervention was well received by the audience: various representatives from several EU countries see the Milan case as a good practice to be developed throughout Europe.