11th November 2010

itSMF Forum 2010: Maurizia Cacciatori, celebrity spokesperson for Beta 80 Group

The hall is packed and finally the doors are closed. Maurizia Cacciatori, former female Italvolley champion, recorded a video interview at the request of Beta 80 Group. The discussion was broadcast to the itSMF Forum 2010 conference held in Milan on 11th November last. Beta 80 Group organized a themed workshop at this event, with the title "Managing commitments and unexpected events in the world of sport: testimony of a champion".
There are many similarities and analogies between the world of sport and that of Service Management, and they are extremely interesting. The public greatly appreciated the original nature of the discussion and the ability to communicate technical content in an unusual and attractive way. Angelo Rotunno, Beta 80 Group's Program Manager who was the speaker on the issue, explained clearly the parallels between sporting practice and Service Management. Priorities in planning with finite resources: the project Masterplan. Management of deadlines: training sessions and growth in physical condition according to the championship calendar and commitments. Management of risks and incidents: accidents to players. Managing changes: new training methods, new fellow team members, new tactics of play. Developing technical features: technical growth of players and service given to the team.
The talk had a considerable impact and the long series of questions and requests for explanations confirmed the validity of the content offered by Beta 80 Group.