10th November 2011

The Frecce Tricolori testimonial at the Oracle Enterprise Innovation Days 2011 event . Beta 80 Group presents an IT Cost Allocation solution

“Enough time should be allocated to think of any possible options for any critical situation, or, if not given enough time, already predefined options should be put in place”.  This statement could sound obvious, but if it was said by the Frecce Tricolori pilots it has the full weight of a true first hand experience in an off limits context. As a matter of fact, two of the Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale crew were special guests at the Oracle Enterprise Innovation Days, which has just closed. And it is not all. The attendees at the event – IT professionals and of the enterprise world - could as well learn other crucial lessons from the flying circus: the importance of selecting crew members; the ability to work as “team”; sharing in real time crucial information; and finally challenge well known procedures in favor of new situations.  
Innovation and performance are the result of accurate analysis, attention put into details and constant check. It is not by chance that these were the subjects of the round-table organized by Beta 80 Group and Oracle, within the event. IT Cost Allocation, or rather a detailed analysis of IT costs, useful for an efficient economical check (cost control), were illustrated by Angelo Rotunno and Claudio Pasquali of Beta 80 Group, with the assistance of a prototype software  based on  Oracle ESSBASE technology. The attendees' feedback was definitely positive: both  the number of participants and the quality of the questions asked confirm the importance of the subject.
If for the Frecce Tricolori the accurate analysis and the attention put into details produce a spectacular show, same approach for IT Cost Allocation  generates management efficiency and cost optimization. And in 2011, even this for our customers is a  great show.