Business Process Management

"Quality means fulfilling the client's needs and exceeding his very expectations, thereby continuing to improve" (E.W. Deming).
Business performance: are there methods or tools that can improve this?
Beta 80 Group assists its clients to guarantee that information systems and technological infrastructure become a key feature and an enabling factor in the company's business.


Business Performance Management means managing programs and initiatives for organizational change, from collecting requirements to designing and developing ICT support solutions, as well as analysis and monitoring of business process performance in order to continually improve quality, efficiency and time to market.
Clients must identify the best organizational and technological solutions for their own company's business strategies and processes: being able to evaluate performance is the first step on the road to improvement. The events that influence the process as it becomes operative need to be intercepted, by recognizing the best paths and discarding those involving risk.
Clients recognize that Beta 80 Group has specific abilities in dealing with BPM projects:
     An understanding of companies' business models
     Use of consolidated methods for process analyses
     Use of best practices to align business requirements and technological solutions


Beta 80 Group has identified typical cases and recurrent scenarios for applying Business Process Management:
The client reviews the business model (new products, new proposal methods, new value chain, etc.) and needs to enlarge his application portfolio to support the new situation.
The client redefines his organization (mergers, statutory compliance, new markets, etc.) and must update the organization and the application portfolio
The client wants to change direction in business processes (efficiency, time to market, quality of output, integration of activities, larger volumes, etc.) by means of organizational interventions and adapting the application portfolio.
The client asks for support for managing demand. In particular for the following: assessing interlocutors' needs; evaluating alternative solutions; checking economic and technological feasibility; analyzing risk; evaluating costs and benefits; choosing between make or buy, etc; defining supply specifications for internal or external interlocutors; defining and coordinating the implementation plan; final checking of solutions issued.


The work of managing and monitoring processes requires an assessment of the features of each individual business activity in the field, evaluating factors that influence the processes and improve their performance. In addition, it means evaluating the results obtained and the paths chosen and, by recognizing the relationships between the results, giving visibility to the management of the elements that affect company performance. Beta 80 Group's interventions are customized for each organization and are structured in phases:
     Analysis of business requirements
     Business Simulation
     Analysis through audit of application portfolio: feasibility (macro requirements, impacts, etc.), risks; process models;
     Functional requirements; make or buy evaluation
     Project Management
     Quality Management (testing and final checking of solutions)
     Support for the change
     Change Management
     Defects Management


These interventions give rise to an unprecedented ability to identify obstacles or twists in operational methods. The necessary information for removing the causes of deterioration in performance and obtaining improvements that are sustainable over time are thus acquired.
Business Process Monitoring allows the knowledge embedded in the data collected during processing activities to emerge, indicating the primary causes of unsatisfactory performances. Using benchmarking, analyzing communication and evaluating influencing factors, Business Process Monitoring obtains information of great significance for enhancing the performance of an organization.
Beta 80 Group support clients in the operational improvement of processes, using Software AG's Aris Business Architect and Aris PPM solution, and IMB's System Architect.