Alignment between IT and business is the main theme. Beta 80 Group supplies Enterprise Architecture Alignment organizational consultancy for context analyzing of business process and for defining the most suitable information and technological architecture for the company. The work consists of design and governance, and identifying methods and paths to guarantee a continuous alignment between business information systems and the needs of a business in continual transformation.
Designing an Enterprise Architecture means:
Relating with departments to identify and document the business context in terms of strategies, processes, organization and information flows
Designing the new architecture to support the business, starting from the role, the function and the maturity of the information systems
Governing the architecture model for processes, information and technologies
Outlining a road map to lead the company towards the strategic use of IT resources
Programming initiatives to fill the gap, with measurement of the value produced for the company.


To realiza an Enterprise Architecture Alignment the interventions follow a method structured in phases:
Focus and evaluation of the abilities of the information system in relation to the type of business.
Designing new architecture for processes, organizations, information, technologies and IT solutions: mapping the business model, designing the information architecture, checking the technological infrastructure, governance model and metrics, sourcing of solutions.
Planning and communicating the following: program of alignment to the business, migration strategies, details of phases, priorities and dependences, starting up management program.
The design of the new application architectures and the new processes uses Software AG's Aris Business Architect and IBM's System Architect.