CMDB supplies a logical model of the infrastructure or a service, identifying, controlling, keeping and checking the existing Configuration Item (CI) version. The problem of controlling the IT infrastructure is common to all businesses: the use of CMDB allows companies to respond promptly to basic questions: the need to maintain over time the efficiency and quality of the services supplied; difficulties in aligning the budget to real business needs; the correct sizing of IT capacity compared with the demand; the incomplete evaluation of the impacts of a change; retrieval of information on very high costs/times; low visibility of an incident on services supplied; lack of a knowledge support to identify the root cause of a problem. A CMDB system is implemented to answer such questions.


Beta 80 Group brings value into the company thanks to its experience in the field of management processes, in terms of flows, roles and responsibilities, in line with the provisions laid down in ITIL® Best Practices. The complexity of IT organizations and their strong dynamic character have led to a significant transformation in the IT Operation from a very technological management logic to a more business-oriented one. This change in perspective has made it essential for companies to obtain a CMDB tool for controlling the configurations of their infrastructure and services, avoiding the creation of disturbances originating from continual changes in configurations.
CMDB systems are developed by implementing leading products, focused on Business Service Management & CMDB, such as HP uCMDB, CA CMDB, and BMC Atrium.
The close correlation between the complementary aspects of technical skill and process skill ensures that Beta 80 Group has the ability to develop the CMDB process successfully. Our direct experience with our clients shows that implementing a CMDB has enabled the following benefits to be obtained:
- reduction in management times and in the impacts of CMDB processes
- reduction in incidents and management times for Problem Management Processes
- reduction in time for restoring services and managing incidents in Incident Management Processes.


Beta 80 Group also uses open source solutions to implement CMDB systems, such as CMDBuild. The implementation of CMDB's based on open source CMDBuild has produced significant results, reported by numerous clients. The solution is distributed with GPL licence.