The pressing need to improve one's business makes it essential to review and optimize the management of ICT resources. Beta 80 Group offers services and specific solutions to take ICT Management up to high standards of automation, efficiency and productivity.
Asset Management
The purchase of hardware and software resources represents on average around 20% of ICT management costs. The remaining percentage is determined by maintenance and support costs such as leasing, updating and resources dedicated to help desk and maintenance. It is therefore important to have an effective management of one's IT infrastructure, so as to contain the Total Cost of Ownership as far as possible. The recommended action is to make one's processes converge on the ITIL model, to obtain benefits such as reduction in costs, reduction in risks and increase in quality of service.
Log & Identity Management
Conforming to legal requirements makes it necessary to implement an effective Log & Identity Management system. Starting from a compulsory requirement, good practices for managing security and access have been developed and these have brought significant results in terms of control of resources and optimization of organisational flows.
What is the optimum configuration and what is the process of evolution of the basic components of an ICT infrastructure? Eliminating waste is the result of sensible management of change, and modifications in the general design of an information system. As the underlying component of ITIL® Best Practices, CMDB provides companies with a basic tool to control the use of resources and eliminate the risks inherent in evolutionary maintenance of ICT systems.
Scheduling systems
Batch processes and scheduling of works are the management areas where the benefits of automation are more immediate and evident: eliminating manual control and reducing the resources needed, creating stable automatic operating mechanisms, producing constant results and maximizing the use of inbuilt resources in the information systems.