iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and all the other smart devices are destined to grow exponentially. Mobile devices are now part of the company information system. Beta 80 Group develops MDM solutions based on the VSP - Virtual Smartphone Platform - of MobileIron, a world leader in Mobile Device Management and Wireless Expense Management.


MobileIron Mobie Device Management solutions address all needs of Mobile IT. Through a simple agent installed on the device, it is possible to control, in real time, connectivity costs, security of the information, flow of company data and the distribution of the applications.
MobileIron Mobie Device Management solution can be implemnted either on-premise, through MobileIron VSP, or in Cloud through MobileIron Connected Cloud. Three core components are the base of MobileIron Mobie Device Management solutions.
User Services. To help all of company's staff in their job through direct access to mobile devices. MobileIron Mobie Device Management solution provides delivery, configuration and protection for those services as email, apps, docs and web.
Intelligent gateway to secure access to enterprise resources. The gateway secures users data flow and access to enterprise back-end services (Exchange, apps, web servers, SharePoint).
Policy and configuration engine to guarantee access to mobile apps and documents.


MobileIron's VSP is an independent multi-platform solution, specially developed to control and manage any type of device, giving maximum autonomy to the ICT structure and to end users. VSP manages all smartphones and the following operating systems: Android, RIM, iOS, Symbian, WebOs, and Windows Mobile. Company data is protected and company policies are set on the device, leaving the user free in his/her personal use of the smartphone.


How much does roaming cost? VSP allows the method of use of the device to be controlled in real time and costs to be allocated to the respective cost centres. Highly refined MDM policies can be set out, in order to control costs and rationalize the use of the mobile devices. Voice, text message and data traffic is monitored through user thresholds, security indicators and alert signals - all active in real time.
Enterprise Apps. Are you building an eco-system for developing and distributing apps at a company level? VSP allows you to control any application on company smartphones and to distribute and manage the flow of apps. The possibility of defining "whitelists" or "blacklists" of applications, according to whether they are allowed or otherwise, enables a very forceful control to be kept on company devices, with immediate benefits for security of corporate data.

Three specific MobileIron components address three corresponding aspects of Mobile It.
Mobile Device Management. Device security management – Self-service provisioning – BYOD Policy – Certification-based identityt management.
Mobile Application Management. Apps enterprise store – Data Loss Prevention management (enterprise vs personal data) – Dynamic, scalable policies – App-tunneling specifications.
Mobile Content Management. Secure content on devices – Email-specific Data Loss Prevention – Sharepoint remote access – Secure internet browser.