Business Service Management
Beta 80 Group's history shows that manned cover has been guaranteed 100%, without any failure in manning the different ongoing projects. In taking charge of a service, from a transition phase to being fully up and running, it has always achieved its objective of producing, within pre-arranged time-limits, the first improvements shown in the Gap Analysis or in operational documents. Beta 80 Group implements monitoring systems and services to create and maintain efficient control systems for IT infrastructures. The aim is that of Business Service Management - i.e., to keep IT services under control and assess them from the business point of view.


The subject of monitoring is vast and may cover very diverse needs and types; from networks to servers or applications. The console is the point from which IT personnel can see the state of controls and monitor the availability of systems and services by intervening proactively to solve problems before these impact on the service and allow it to deteriorate. The console may also be very complex, depending on the type of monitoring that one has chosen to implement and on the complexity of the process it supports. Our ability to produce solutions can go as far as developing ad hoc controls for specific application environments. Beta 80's abilities in System Integration have their greatest application in this scenario, allowing us to create solutions to meet all monitoring and control requirements.


Messages to the unified console are backed up by reports produced in "near real time" and topological maps representing the service called upon and showing in detail the active controls. Beta 80 Group creates monitoring systems starting from simple customization of market platforms, to developing the control software for specific application environments. From the functional point of view, the monitoring systems can measure availability of services and therefore "customer experience" - i.e. the perception the users have regarding one or more of the services supplied.


The services offered follow the models and methods of the ITIL® framework best practices. Beta 80 Group professionals are ITIL® certified and carry out activities of research, needs analysis, collecting technical and business requirements and designing solutions. Solutions are also applied to companies that are complex, with an organizational layout on several levels to identify roles, responsibilities, tools and skills. The service is developed in specific phases:
Consultancy for pinpointing the best solutions in relation to the business
Assessment of operational processes in line with business needs
Gap Analysis to identify the areas for improvement
Continual improvement as an objective in implementing and managing projects.


Beta 80 Group is exceptional in its handling of continuous and discontinuous cycle operational environments, where basic, technical skills, both specialist and management, are required, along with high reliability and technical preparation of the staff employed, a guarantee of continuity of the service and improvements in operational practices. The service model is structured by one or more teams of specialists who carry out 24h monitoring, back end/office, and 2nd-level help desk activities. Those with the roles of Technical Focal Point, Delivery Coordinator and Service Manager ensure full operational and managerial cover. Significant successes have been achieved by Beta 80 Group in the Telecommunications sector, with important results regarding the re-examination and redefinition of Incident Management and Change, Release and Problem Management processes.