16th March 2011

112: Italy comes into line with Europe

Europa.eu, the European Union's official website, in the past few days has reported the news that Italy has fulfilled the requirements for the 112 Single Emergency Number, relating to localization of the caller, with the consequent closure of the case that was opened in 2006.

The 112 Single Emergency Number service, launched in summer 2010 at the Varese Operations Centre and based on Beta 80 Group's emma technology, has arrived at a significant goal. The availability, in real time, of information relating to the caller is one of the important technological innovations introduced with the 112 number, and has been a determining factor for the positive closure of the case mentioned above.

The Varese 112 Single Emergency Number has extended the Italian emergency scenario on an international scale, offering services to citizens who are more and more European. As well as localizing the caller (which necessitated the creation of an integration - for the first time in Italy - with the Interior Ministry's CED Interforze service), the Varese 112 Single Emergency Number makes available to citizens a multilingual response 24 hours a day (in Italian, French, German and Russian) and calls via text message for people with hearing or speaking difficulties. With its experience, both at the technological and process management levels, Beta 80 Group has made its contribution to achieving an objective with European-wide effects.