20th December 2010

Beta 80 Group goes up 13 places in the IDC TOP 100 rankings

Up from number 94 to number 81. In the rankings that bring together the TOP 100 Italian companies in ICT Software and Services, Beta 80 Group leaps upwards by 13 places compared with last year, to reach number 81. The research, conducted by IDC and published by the Data Manager review, shows a highly attractive result for the company. A 10.7% growth in turnover in 2009 compared with 2008 is a sign that Beta 80 Group is enjoying good health. This is the outcome of a consolidated evolution - an evolution in culture and not just in production - that has been going on for twenty-five years and will be again confirmed by the 2010 data. The values that have enabled Beta 80 Group to get these results - working closely with customers, prudent management and the ability to create trust - are a starting point for the work to come. The general crisis is not over, and the company has to be creative and flexible, resolve inefficiencies and find new possibilities for development. Special attention will be given to partnerships based on shared values. The rankings published by Data Manager are a highly accurate reflection of the market situation and, as well as the absolute TOP 100 ICT Software and Services rankings, they are also shown as 8 detailed rankings, divided by type of supply and market segment. For the general rankings, the summary data confirm the negative trend: 54 out of 98 companies (no data are available for 2) show a fall in turnover, a further 18 grew by less than 10%, and the remaining 20, including Beta 80 Group, had an increase in turnover of more than 10%.