28th February 2012

Beta 80 Technology twice protagonist: round table on “Health and Healthcare” and the grand opening of the new company seat.

If a good beginning bodes well, Aniello Cimitile's, President of the Province of Benevento,  greeting is a very significant omen. “Today is a great day, because we are speaking about hiring and not firing people.“ He was talking about the recent setting up of the new Beta 8.0 Technology company, which, last 24th February, was introduced through a round table on “Sound Health, Integrated Healthcare. People caring and resources optimization”. Which was then followed by the grand opening of the of company's operative seat. The media have significantly covered the event through video news: TGR, NTR24 TV and Il Vaglio.
Inside the prestigious Museum of Sannio of  Benevento, in a more than crowded conference hall, were present among the audience the most prominent figures of the territory: institutional representatives, political  leaders and company managers.
Moreno Carosella, Beta 8.0 Technology Managing Director and conference sponsor, started the round table discussion: “Beta 8.0 Technology was founded to add value and distinctive competences  to the already rich patrimony of the leading group company Beta 80 Group. In the healthcare as in any other sectors, the real innovation, even more than technology, is the ability to bring value into a competition which has become global”. Innovation is the key word. Gerardo Canfora was the intervention moderator of the four relaters, who were the four Managing Directors of four hospitals in Campania. While Tonino Pedicini, MD of “Pascale” in Naples, reminded that innovation is at the core itself of Research Institutes such as his, Giuseppe Rosato, MD of “San Giuseppe Moscati” in Avellino, highlighted the fact that the real innovation would be to set up a system to cut costs and insure services. And again the need of optimizing resources - even if many times it has been imposed – was the subject of Nicola Boccalone and Michele Rossi's speech, both MDs respectively of   “Rummo” and Local NHS of Benevento. An innovation in the Healthcare System can be, for example, the integration of Emergency Services, Out of Hours Med Service and Home Care Assistance. Benevento is a territory of collaboration. The  University lives close to companies: innovation and working together as a whole is a possible path, it is the way to follow.
It is really true: ”it is a nice day today”. Cimitile's omen still echoes at the second event of Benevento's rich calendar. After the round table was the grand opening of the Beta 8.0 Technology new seat. It must be said, that it was not a mere celebration. All the Beta 8.0 Technology staff were present, along with their family members. It was a party  which we had wished and been looking forward to, the sign of the beginning of a new season, of a new adventure which is starting now. Fr. Salvatore Picca blessed the new offices.   
The new company's goal is added value, which enriches the cultural heritage of the leading group company. That is why the inauguration confectionery-symbol, an iced cake with a huge company logo towering on it, baked by Beatrice Clemente of Beta 8.0 Technology - in the occasion displaying her unusual and appreciated confectionery skills - was a sign of sympathy