27th June 2011

Regione Abruzzo chooses Beta 80 Group to manage the 118 Service

High reliability technology to deal with natural events; cooperation driven by the resources of the area; integration with information systems and the intra/extra hospital networks. These are some of the determining factors that gave Beta 80 Group its victory in its recent bid to update the 118 Command and Control Rooms in Abruzzo.

Beta 80 Group has already been present for ten years in the four Abruzzo rooms, and has now reconfirmed its leading position. With the award of the contract, it will proceed to the updating of technological infrastructures at the 118 rooms in L'Aquila, Pescara, Chieti and Teramo, guaranteeing extremely rapid delivery times.

An essential point to emphasise among the new features of the project is its high reliability and capacity for integration.
The disaster recovery plan provides for, among other things, the availability of a mobile backup room fitted onto a means of transport and equipped with complete operational autonomy. This system can replace a normal CCR in cases where exceptional events compromise its operation. Another feature of its reliability is the start-up of a data security centre to preserve the data integrity of the 118 service.

A further design benchmark is the capacity for integration. The recent creation of the 112 European Emergency Number carried out by Beta 80 Group in Varese demonstrated how the emma solution can ensure native interoperability with the other emergency services. This is supplemented by interaction with agencies in the area (fleet and emergency file management), along with the possibility of integrating the information systems of various health units and hospital intra- and extra-networks.