15th December 2010

VERTI-GO and Soloplan: Beta 80 Group’s Supply Chain gets more and more valuable

November brought some important new elements to Beta 80 Group's Supply Chain Management Division. The first news is that VERTI-GO, the software developed in collaboration with the Incaricotech company (distributors in Italy of Hänel vertical storage) and dedicated, in fact, to the automatic management of vertical warehouses, was released onto the market. The second news concerned strategic alliances. The agreement with Soloplan, the German company who are owners of the CarLo® software platform and leaders in creating systems for Transportation Management, was formalized.

These two pieces of news confirm Beta 80 Group's desire to cover all aspects of logistics with proprietary products (as well as the new VERTI-GO, we must also mention the traditional Stockager® for Warehouse Management), international alliances and services with high added value. As Alberto Cuccorese, Supply Chain Management Division manager, says: "the partnership with Soloplan enables us to offer transportation operators the best international software, to which we can add our specific skills on the Italian scene". And it is particularly to the Italian scene that the new VERTI-GO software is applied. As Cuccorese explains: "VERTI-GO is a product with a very reduced cost. It is designed to give SMEs with vertical storage to have available to them the functions of a large warehouse. VERTI-GO has come out of our experience of the Stockager® platform and from the design heritage of large systems. VERTI-GO is very simple to use, it has a web interface that allows it to be used on any PC in the company's network and gives operators the automatisms typical of large distribution centres".

Both pieces of news in the Supply Chain context confirm Beta 80 Group's desire to offer real solutions to clients' problems, by meeting them on the territory of their daily operational needs.