Collaborative management of contents and information. Beta 80 Group's Enterprise Content Management solutions use the best technologies to acquire, manage, store and share company contents. The tools created support the accurate, prompt execution of company processes.
Beta 80 Group's Enterprise Content Management is for Enterprise 2.0: our technological proposal facilitates new organizational models, based on widespread involvement, emerging collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and developing and increasing the value to networks both internal and external to the organization.


Beta 80 Group's portals and intranet solutions are devised as places for dialog and collaboration with the world outside and inside organizations. We go beyond the shop window concept and make the web into a channel for constructing a relationship with all interlocutors in the company system: internal and external collaborators, customers, suppliers and potential buyers. Offering interactive services of collaboration between the various users and integrating company systems by hiding the technological complexity - these are the elements that characterize our Enterprise Content Management creations.
Our understanding of business objectives and organizational problems is the result of over twenty years' experience. The Enterprise Content Management platforms we implement use the main technologies and are open to integration with external systems.


What is the advantage in reducing even by just 0.5% the abandonment rate of a purchasing page?
Enterprise Content Management solutions developed by Beta 80 Group improve the usability and ergonomics of applications by both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Studies are carried out by interviewing samples of users and by using eye tracker, which records the eye movements of those who interact with the application.
With this application, we have already helped a primary TV operator to optimize his online registration form. The same technology enables the web presence of competitors to be analyzed, identifying strong points and making deductions from them for improvements.
The site's reachability is improved by suitably structuring the contents and defining appropriate key words. Visibility is increased by identifying techniques for positioning in search engines.


Public organizations are strongly motivated to activate systems that allow document interchange inside the organization or outside it between one organization and another. The whole enterprise benefits transversally from this. Beta 80 Group solutions, starting with the information protocol, comply with Italian Agency AgID (ex DigitPA) regulations and operate with Certified Email Address (PEC) and enabled digital signature, and manage interoperability flows according to IPA standards.


Automating the purchasing cycle (expenses requests, orders, electronic invoicing, electronic storage), is one of the greatest organizational advantages for private companies. Further benefits are obtained with applications that can integrate into a single flow both operators (human centric interface) and management systems (system centric interface).
Once they have been received into the company, documents can be acquired and entered by a document management system for controlling the life cycle, sorting and automation of the steps to transform the document.
Complete traceability of the process is guaranteed. All the players concerned are automatically involved in the operations regarding them; the process-procedure manager can check the effective progress of the documentation and can view the real completion times of the procedure.
This solution enables possible areas for improvement to be identified and corrections to be made gradually to the process, thus obtaining a reduction in operating costs.


Continual technological improvements to mobile devices (cellphones, smartphones and PDAs) make it possible for end users to connect permanently to the Internet. With users always connected, companies can improve their image and supply services with high added value such as dashboards or surfing tools.
Beta 80 Group creates highly accessible browsing applications on any mobile device, including specific devices to be supplied to its own staff.