Beta 80 Group has its own software factory able to create complex software systems based on specific requirements. When standard market solutions on offer in the market do not correspond adequately to business needs, it becomes necessary to create ad hoc solutions. The creation of custom software solutions within the software factory is carried out with different methods of attack: establishing a team at our headquarters, managing mixed teams or setting up dedicated software factories, with sizes and location defined jointly according to needs.


Technological ability and the presence of specialists in the various sectors are characteristic features of most ICT companies. Technological skills alone are not enough and do not constitute a guarantee of results, such as the client expects. Beta 80 Group's software factory has a particular strong point in its method, which integrates three aspects and goes beyond the technology.
Business objectives
The ultimate aim of the software factory is to develop a software that supports business: attention, dedication and concentration on business are the criteria guiding the development of the software, and the constant point of reference for our project managers and analysts. Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of the processes we are implementing, and improving business performance: these are the expressions that comprise the client's language and that become our own i the software factory, immediately and for the whole duration of the projects.
Suitable methodologies
The methodology depends on the type of project: each project requires its own development method. We use the waterfall model methodology in the case of well identified, stable requirements, and we use the prototype methodology when dealing with clear but not perfectly detailed requirements. In this case one or more prototypes can be useful to the client to understand the characteristics that the end solution must have. Finally, when we have to work to deadlines on urgent projects, dealing with unstable requirements, we operate with agile methods and iterative development. Beta 80 Group's software factory added values are flexibility and its methodological contribution according to the urgency and the specific nature of the requirements and of the budget.
Measuring the quality
In Beta 80 Group's software factory, the time necessary to correct inaccuracies reported by clients is less than 5% of the time to develop the function. Our developments are subject to constant monitoring by special, dedicated teams.
A further quality factor is the adaptability and the level of maintenance after the final inspection. Once it has been created, the application has to be updated to be always cutting-edge and kept operational. Definite problem-solving times and conforming to agreed levels of service are the reference criteria for the Application Maintenance and Service Desk.


Operational management systems
The complex nature of the market and the over-abundance of supply compared with demand make it necessary to devise new supply solutions and new channels for communicating them. This gives rise to the need for having ad hoc technological tools, IT solutions that are not easily obtainable on the market or are suitable only for certain situations. A custom development becomes necessary in a strategic perspective.
Systems for Local Public Administration (PAL)
In the PAL context, in order to conform to standards, a definite intervention in information systems is required, or new solutions need to be created. Systems created from scratch must necessarily take account of the specific regulations they have to comply with, and the rest of the regulatory context, as well as all the necessary requirements for IT in Public Administration. Beta 80 Group is well aware of the methods with which a project for Public Administration should be managed: creating benefits and services for the citizen is the primary criterion underlying the technological solutions.