CONAD DEL TIRRENO - Adoption of PPM methodologies supported by Hp PPM Center
"Through PPM, we created working methods and shared tools with which to govern executive plans and budgets, generating a strong commitment from everybody and focusing on achieving predetermined goals."

Giancarlo Pelarin, IT and Logistics Department, CONAD del Tirreno

Company: CONAD del Tirreno
Project: CrossDocking: Project Portfolio Management
Solution: Adoption of PPM methods supported by Hp PPM Center


Conad del Tirreno is a cooperative selling food and consumer goods. It has 5,700 sho assistants in Tuscany, Lazio, Sardinia and the province of La Spezia. The Conad brand is present with the trade names E.Leclerc Conad, Conad Superstore, Conad City and Margherita as well. In 2009 Conad del Tirreno started up an important company project to adopt a new method of managing Class C goods in its warehouse in Montopoli (PI): this was the CrossDocking project. The project's organizational complexity and strategic value suggested the adoption of practices and tools to guarantee that it could be governed effectively in terms of times and expected results. Thanks to the success of the CrossDocking project, Conad del Tirreno decided to apply the methods and tools to the whole project portfolio, in order to solve critical points relating to the following:
- maintenance of existing tools: synchronizing and updating of numerous spreadsheets
- management of demand: requests for new investments and projects
- lack of control over use of resources
- difficulties in managing project MasterPlans: visibility on available budgets and on costs incurred.


Beta 80 Group assisted the client throughout the whole program, both in defining the management methods for the CrossDocking project and in producing an information support system based on Hp PPM Center. A key role in the success of the program was that of coaching the staff working on the projects. Thanks to this, it was possible to consolidate management practices and start up a process of cultural change.


With the PPM implementation project, Conad del Tirreno experienced the following benefits:

  • awareness and recognition of the importance of the project management function and the project management office
  • guarantee of full correspondence between overall project requirements of each functional area and the relative activities planned and carried out
  • certainty of the consequences and implications of the choices made for the different projects
  • prompt identification of the critical points of the projects and relative countermeasures
  • convergence and creative collaboration of different disciplines belonging to different organizations
  • agreement on sharing plans, deadlines and executive budgets
  • guarantee of optimal performances in each project
  • start up of cultural change.