LOCAL HEALTH AUTHORITIES - Consultancy and support for using CRS-SISS services
"The Regional Services Charter (CRS) is an innovative tool devised by Regione Lombardia to facilitate relationships between citizens, businesses and Public Administration in daily life."


Sector: Local Health Authorities (ASL)
Project: CRS-SISS
Solution: Consultancy and support for using CRS-SISS services


Within the vast CRS-SISS (Health and Social Services Information System) project, Beta 80 Group carried out important support activities for subjects involved in the project (Local Health Authorities, doctors, hospitals, etc.) in order to make it easier to use the services provided by the Charter and offer the greatest possible benefit to users, in particular to General Medical Practitioners (MMGs) and Family Paediatricians (PDFs).


The consultancy and support activity took place in three separate phases:

  • Phase 1: defining and programming the actions to be carried out with regard to users
  • Phase 2: analysis of data banks and direct checking with MMGs and PDFs
  • Phase 3: circulating initiatives among MMGs and PDFs.


Beta 80 Group defined the ways of supplying and defining the user database structure in order to monitor the MMG and PDF users. In particular, the following actions were carried out:

  • check on the state of progress of acceptance and use of CRS-SISS
  • designation of users for CRS-SISS training courses
  • analysis for new ASL areas of competence.


In the consolidation phase, the following activities were carried out:

  • aligning of periodic user database
  • inspections at medical and paediatric surgeries for checking the degree of SISS use according to regional instructions
  • initiatives aimed at MMGs and PDFs with low and very low prescriptiveness levels
  • analysis of CRS-SISS activity at Accredited Private Providers (EEPAs) according to Regional Council Resolution N° 5738 of 31st October 2007
    10 activities aimed at EEPAs.


In the circulation phase the following activities were carried out:

  • monitoring of prescriptiveness indicators
  • training in the use of the DigitalSign application (electronic signature, encrypting, time stamping)
  • CRS-SISS project start-up on residential care units (RSAs)
  • MMG and PDF telephone recall for monitoring low levels of prescriptiveness
  • support activities for ASL personnel regarding sending of flows
  • production report on increase in percentage of MMG and PDF users.


Thanks to Beta 80 Group's support activities, the CRS-SISS charter had a significant increase in penetration and use with MMGs and PDFs, with some important allied benefits:

  • acceptance and circulation of a new work tool
  • adapting to standards
  • facilitating relationships between doctors, citizens and institutions.