BPP GAS - Creating a dedicated Business Intelligence system
"Thanks to this solution, we are today in a position to analyze the profitability of clients and even of individual gas meters, allowing BPP to aim at maximum competitiveness."

Marco Bellini, CEO, BPP GAS

Company: BPP GAS
Sector: Energy
Project: Profitability analysis and production of documents for regulatory compliance
Solution: Creating a dedicated Business Intelligence system


BPP GAS came into being in 2005 through the splitting of BPP SpA from the gas business branch. The company is present in over 200 Italian boroughs divided between 35 provinces, from Verbania to Reggio Calabria. For over 50 years, the BPP group has been a market leader in sales of energy products. BPP GAS SpA, a company owned entirely by private capital, is a benchmark in the liberalized gas market, because of its marketing in the industrial and civil contexts and because of cogeneration (combined electricity and heat production). BPP GAS operates in a market characterized by strong competition and stiff regulations laid down by the Electricity and Gas Authority.


Given this context, it becomes essential to achieve two objectives. The first is the control and monitoring of the profitability of the business, and the second is support for the reporting activity, in order to respond efficiently to the requirements of the Electricity and Gas Authority.


Beta 80 Group created a Business Intelligence system to support management control for analyzing the profitability of each link in the gas sales chain, right down to producing the income statement of each individual gas meter. In addition, institutional reporting systems were created to respond to the Electricity and Gas Authority's directives relating to compulsory periodic communications. With the Business Intelligence system, compliance activities were supported, with prompt reports relating to requests for information from the Electricity and Gas Authority. Systems for carefully checking and monitoring the gas sales network were created, to evaluate the more profitable markets, as well as checking with extreme precision the margins on each individual fiscal measuring device (meter).