TELCO - CRM system to support dealers
Managing relations with dealers or other business partners is a highly complex task. Interlocutors frequently change, there isn't a fixed number of them and requests vary over time. Loyalty has to be created in dealers and business partners, by offering efficient services that will help them in their work, and paying attention to each individual need. CRM solutions greatly improve quality standards in managing these relations, and offer methods to ensure the full satisfaction of the partners, who are treated with the care that is normally reserved for customers.

Sector: Telco
Project: Managing dealers
Solution: Development of a CRM tool based on V-Tiger

Scenario: The clients diversify, and it is essential to serve them

Outsourcing of key services, such as the sales activity for example, is rapidly on the increase. Many businesses operate with franchising chains: agencies and single representatives are outside the company and services are expected to be efficient and allow prompt communication with the central head office.

Telco companies in the mobiles sector are one example. Sales of services are carried out through dealers who are not only independent from the Telco company, but often work for more than one operator at the same time. For operators, it is essential that their dealers are satisfied to work for them (increased sales, greater brand awareness, etc.). The quality of the services offered to dealers plays a key role in the relationship, and gives them the feeling of being treated with the same attention as an end customer.


Investments linked to creating loyalty among one's internal clients come up against the difficulty of identifying a precise ROI. The question "how much will sales go up by if the dealers are satisfied" has no answer. The network of dealers, agencies and representatives is very wide - often going above the thousand mark - and costs of software licences rise accordingly. Open source supplies the solution: costs are independent of the number of users and the expenditure is thus sustainable.


Our client is a mobile telecommunications company that decided to use VTE (V-Tiger Enterprise Edition) in order to offer services to its dealers. Functions deal with the structured collection of reports by dealers (around 5000), concerning data and voice services throughout the country. The system allows dealers to enter reports of broadband service malfunctioning via the Web, with details of the type of problem found. The system was devised to allow suitable filing of cases (e.g. lack of signal, call drops, slow surfing), so as to facilitate the work of dedicated internal operators and to carry out more targeted searches.

The response given to the dealer is prompt and structured, and facilitates relationships between company and sales agent.


Our client now has available to him an excellent channel for communication and contact with his dealers. The system can be extended rapidly and at very low cost. The benefits experienced by the client are as follows:

  • more in-depth knowledge of the voice and data network, in terms of cover and quality of service
  • more effective interaction with dealers
  • more efficient services offered to dealers