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BNP PARIBAS - Managing taxation on financial incomes
"The introduction of Tax€ involved a definite rationalization of our work, allowing us to analyse our clients' needs better and faster, to provide them with well-targeted reporting systems, and to be more prompt and precise in communications."

Dario Resnati, IT Manager, BNP Paribas Securities Services Italia

BPP GAS - Creating a dedicated Business Intelligence system
"Thanks to this solution, we are today in a position to analyze the profitability of clients and even of individual gas meters, allowing BPP to aim at maximum competitiveness."

Marco Bellini, CEO, BPP GAS

BRIX DISTRIBUZIONE - Monitor a supermarket chain economical-financial performance
“The changing market conditions require a higher speed in detecting and analyzing problems. The new Business Intelligence project, designed together with Beta 80 Group and Oracle, allows us  real-time monitoring of our dealers' profit. Now data are available right where profit is made. The new mobile technologies make all this possible.”

Luca Sarzi Sartori, Director - Administration, Finance and Control, Brix Distribuzione

CESTEC - Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System based on opensource Liferay Portal Server
"With the CESTEC Portal Platform we introduced a new culture of Internet production into the company. We opened the "black box": information contents and application services are no longer objects in the hands of a few IT technicians, but have become a daily, transparent tool of dozens of Cestec operators. These are tools with which they can have concrete experience of sharing online a more and more important part of their daily work."

Stefano Betti, Chief Information Officer, CESTEC

CONAD DEL TIRRENO - Adoption of PPM methodologies supported by Hp PPM Center
"Through PPM, we created working methods and shared tools with which to govern executive plans and budgets, generating a strong commitment from everybody and focusing on achieving predetermined goals."

Giancarlo Pelarin, IT and Logistics Department, CONAD del Tirreno

ECODOM - Operational management
"With our Operational Management system we are in a position to manage efficiently the WEEE treatment we are responsible for, allowing us to focus our energies on the quality of the treatment."

Giorgio Arienti, General Manager, ECODOM

EMAK - Implementation of a WMS system for automatic mini-load warehousing
"Emak was set up in 1992, and is today the jewel in the crown of the Yama group. Its constant growth in turnover and number of employees and its consolidated production capacity bear witness to the appreciation with which the market has repaid the quality of Emak's products, making it a sector leader in Italy and giving it its rightful place among major European manufacturers."

FRATELLI CARLI - Implementation of a WMS system for automatic and manual warehouse with Stockager®
"Care, enthusiasm, commitment: these are the ingredients of Fratelli Carli which, as we go into 2011, is getting ready to celebrate the first one hundred years since it was founded by Giovanni Carli in 1911. It's been a century of successful achievements, enabling the company from Liguria to establish itself in the olive oil and food sector thanks to two strongly determining factors: our pride in keeping up a family tradition - passed down from father to son over four generations - and our direct relationship with our clients, who have always received the products directly at home, so doing without the middle-man."
GRUPPO IPER - Creation of a system based on Oracle Data Integrator
"In a more and more competitive and ever-changing market context, the ability to react quickly to consumer demand is of critical importance for survival. In this sense the solution made available by Oracle and Beta 80 Group was of crucial significance for us to manage and analyze data relating to our policies."

Valerio Cortese, CIO, GRUPPO IPER

INFOCAMERE - Development of a Configuration Management system based on Hp Universal CMDB
"Developing a CMDB is like devising a Rosetta Stone that links the language of business to the technological infrastructure."

Vincenzo Piombino, Configuration Manager, InfoCamere

T-SYSTEMS - Develpment of a dashboard for security and compliance control
"As part of the Deutsche Telekom group, T-Systems manages the ICT of multinational groups and public institutions, thanks to a data center and network infrastructure that extends worldwide. With an overall turnover for 2009 of 8.8 billion Euros and 45,300 professionals throughout the world, T-Systems has made a name for itself in combining market skills with innovation in the ICT context."

Winning project of Regione Lombardia Metadistretti 2008 bid - Energy saving in data centers
"In the current economic climate companies need to contain costs and this is one of the motivations driving IT strategies towards a more efficient model The Energ-IT initiative, promoted by the Regione Lombardia, has raised awareness of the debate and stimulated research into ways and solutions to address the problems of the energy impact of company information systems."

Computerworld Italia Digital Edition, June 2010