INFOCAMERE - Development of a Configuration Management system based on Hp Universal CMDB
"Developing a CMDB is like devising a Rosetta Stone that links the language of business to the technological infrastructure."

Vincenzo Piombino, Configuration Manager, InfoCamere

Company: InfoCamere
Sector: Services
Project: IT Configuration Management
Solution: Development of a Configuration Management system based on Hp Universal CMDB


InfoCamere, a joint-stock Consortium Company of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, provides for creating and managing applications necessary to the operation of the chamber of commerce system and its "dialogue" with Public Administration, businesses and citizens. The telematic system that has been developed links together 105 Chambers of Commerce in 300 branch offices. To improve its service, InfoCamere must solve the following problems:

  • align the budget to real business needs
  • correctly size IT resources to comply with demand
  • develop the necessary skills to use technologies already acquired
  • carry out a correct impact analysis on the modifications
  • identify the primary cause of an incident


The solution created was identified starting from the analysis and design of Configuration Management process details, based on ITIL© Best Practices, which led to the implementation of a CMDB.
The development of suitable discovery modules enabled the loading of data and mapping with IT services. Integration between incident and change also brought the CMDB to a good level of maturity. The system implemented provided for the following:

  • covering the whole ICT infrastructure, with the exception of workstations (desktop/laptop)
  • creating automatic systems for recognizing the company infrastructure by developing discovery modules
  • integrating change/incident management
  • analyzing impacts through correlation rule


The project enabled InfoCamere to obtain some important benefits, such as:

  • having a tool available to support Configuration Management according to ITIL© Best Practices
  • facilitating the introduction of the Configuration Management process and increasing its efficiency, connecting it harmoniously to the other existing service management processes.