FRATELLI CARLI - Implementation of a WMS system for automatic and manual warehouse with Stockager®
"Care, enthusiasm, commitment: these are the ingredients of Fratelli Carli which, as we go into 2011, is getting ready to celebrate the first one hundred years since it was founded by Giovanni Carli in 1911. It's been a century of successful achievements, enabling the company from Liguria to establish itself in the olive oil and food sector thanks to two strongly determining factors: our pride in keeping up a family tradition - passed down from father to son over four generations - and our direct relationship with our clients, who have always received the products directly at home, so doing without the middle-man."

Sector: Food
Project: Warehouse automation
Solution: Implementation of a WMS system for automatic and manual warehouse with Stockager®


  • stacker system with loading bridge
  • dispatch lines with strapping
  • PickToLight system equipped with 160 lights
  • 6 sample packing stations
  • lines for goods transfer between warehouses

Well rooted in our glorious past, but constantly looking forward to the future: this is the secret of Fratelli Carli's success. Ever since it started, the company has been committed to growing with a view to combining the two strands of "tradition and innovation" and to creating typically Mediterranean products. Through cutting-edge technologies in processing and quality control, they guarantee that their products have proven reliability. This, therefore, is innovation, but they are always careful to maintain a business approach founded on the importance of the human factor as an irreplaceable asset and an authentic added value.


Beta 80 Group created several WMS systems over the years in collaboration with Fratelli Carli. The entire system allows for the following:

  • managing the automatic warehouse for intensive storage
  • managing the overseas dispatch/third party products/packing warehouse
  • managing the cosmetics warehouse
  • managing the internal/external traceability system

The traceability system provides online information about the position of batches inside all the warehouses managed, in transparent mode for users. Two types of data base (Oracle/Sqlserver) are managed. The warehouse system also sends data to a data warehouse for long term data storage. In this way operators can query the system and find out the life of a certain product or batch from the time it comes in from production, to final dispatch.


With the implementation of the last two warehouses created (third party products and packing), Fratelli Carli was able to set us a traceability system for complete batches, since they could pinpoint the exact location of a batch at any time.
The overseas dispatch warehouse was equipped with a PickToLight subsystem logging onto Stockager®, for managing picklists on intensive picking references, but with a low number of pieces.


The Supply Chain Management Division develops services and solutions for controlling production and distribution processes, with particular emphasis on advanced logistics systems. The development of Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Management systems is divided into three areas:

  • logistics systems that allow for automatic installations. In this context, we work closely with primary companies in the sector, creating WMS and MFC systems according to agreed specifications
  • managing warehouses, both traditional and using RF. In these projects the Stockager® proprietary platform is implemented
  • a direct presence internationally. The partnerships with RedPrairie and Soloplan ensure international coverage of clients in all project contexts: WMS, Transportation Management & Planning, WorkForce Management, Yard Management, and Third Party Billing.