EMAK - Implementation of a WMS system for automatic mini-load warehousing
"Emak was set up in 1992, and is today the jewel in the crown of the Yama group. Its constant growth in turnover and number of employees and its consolidated production capacity bear witness to the appreciation with which the market has repaid the quality of Emak's products, making it a sector leader in Italy and giving it its rightful place among major European manufacturers."


Company: EMAK
Sector: Industry
Project: Automation of warehouse
Solution: Implementation of a WMS system for automatic mini-load warehousing


  • 5 types of boxes (from 290x220x210 to 290x600x400) with weights of between 100 gr and 20 Kg
  • 3 mini load Stöcklin BOXer double mast, double depth stacker cranes
  • 6 shelves 20 m high
  • 38,000 box bays (31,000 for stock and 7,000 for picking)
  • 10 closed box dispatch lines
  • 4 dispatch lines for open boxes with flap


Beta 80 Group created the WMS system software for controlling the new EMAK automatic box warehouse. The system controls the entire flow of material inwards and outwards, while at the same time managing the viewing of goods in the dynamic display. In particular, the WMS manages the following:

  • the flow of goods into the automatic warehouse
  • preparation of automatic dynamic display
  • updating of ABC classes of item rotation
  • outward flow of goods
  • end-of-line for sorting of packs

The automatic dynamic display is the trump card in the solution. It enables only the items necessary to fulfil orders in the following period to be kept on the display. The goods are assigned to the bays appropriate for the optimum movement of picking operators.


With the new automated warehouse put into service, Emak obtained a significant set of benefits:

  • completely automated management of display of the goods for retrieval
  • drastic reduction in times for carrying out sales orders
  • 7 sorting of goods dispatched on an end-of-line configurable per job or per carrier
  • 8 automatic strapping of boxes, so that they are immediately ready for dispatch


The Supply Chain Management Division develops services and solutions for controlling production and distribution process, with particular emphasis on advanced logistics systems. The development of Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Management systems is divided into three areas:

  • logistics systems that allow for automatic installations. In this context, we work closely with primary companies in the sector, such as Stöcklin Logistics, creating WMS and MFC systems according to agreed specifications
  • managing warehouses, both traditional and using RF. In these projects the Stockager® proprietary platform is implemented
  • a direct presence internationally. The partnerships with RedPrairie and Soloplan ensure international coverage of clients in all project contexts: WMS, Transportation Management & Planning, WorkForce Management, Yard Management, and Third Party Billing.


Stöcklin has been present on the market since 1934 with over 1,100 plants created throughout the world. It operates on an international scale with a complete range of equipment for goods storage and automatic transport. Its main headquarters is in Basel, and it has branches in the larger European countries and in Mexico, and a total of 600 workers. Stöcklin Logistics deals with the design, sales and after-sales service of logistics systems and automatic transport and goods warehousing plants. It offers a complete range of products and services, from those for single freight operators to large turnkey systems.