BRIX DISTRIBUZIONE - Monitor a supermarket chain economical-financial performance
“The changing market conditions require a higher speed in detecting and analyzing problems. The new Business Intelligence project, designed together with Beta 80 Group and Oracle, allows us  real-time monitoring of our dealers' profit. Now data are available right where profit is made. The new mobile technologies make all this possible.”

Luca Sarzi Sartori, Director - Administration, Finance and Control, Brix Distribuzione

Company: Brix Distribuzione
Sector: Large-Scale Retail
Project: Monitor a supermarket chain economical-financial performance
Solutions: A Business Intelligence system based on Oracle technology


Brix Distribuzione is a company in the Large-Scale Retail sector which manages the commercial, marketing, logistic and supplying aspects of Zerbimark and  Family Market supermarket brands. On the whole the company manages 55 dealers located in Brescia, Bergamo, Cremona and Mantua provinces. It has a staff of about 800 people and a turnover of 160 million euro for the year 2010. Brix Distribuzione will further increase the number of  stock-keeping units (sku) dealt with.


The Italian Large-Scale Retail sector is undergoing consumption and price decrease. The economic-financial performance monitoring is a priority for Brix Distribuzione top management, as well as finding new tools to manage control. Brix Distribuzione has chosen the Business Intelligence solution designed by Beta 80 Group upon an Oracle interface: the old reporting and control process (which did not guarantee timeliness and the necessary details) has been replaced with a new system, which can update on daily bases information concerning each single dealer. This new application can be totally net-surfed or accessed even through mobile tools, including smartphones and  tablet PC’s. In the future the new Business Intelligence system will support the Logistic, Administrative and Human Resource areas. 
The company data mart, concerning the dealers' sell-out analysis, was developed during the first phase of the project, which was rated according to the ECR Indicod Category Tree. The product and dealer's marginality is calculated, based on the average pondered price of the purchased goods. A timeliness and coherent reading of the company's data and promotional weight is provided. Later on features to support both the Logistic area (check stockroom performance) and the elaboration of economic calculation of each product line and each dealer (interfaced with the FI/CO SAP module) are going to be developed.


The computerization of the acquisition procedures, consolidation and data analysis has produced a higher users' satisfaction, thanks to which there is a higher detail level. For instance, now it is possible to check on daily basis both the sales and industrial marginality of either the dealer or the product line, verifying the promotional incidence on the daily cash flow. The availability of data on mobile devices, better supports Brix Distribuzione management, who can now make real-time checking of any situation and undertake any possible corrective action.