The growing competition on products and the market slowdown compell enterprises in performin at their best. The need of providing one's customer with the right product, in the right quantity, in the place and time agreed - and with respect to costs - asks for a true effective transportation mamagement software. A complete Transportation Management System is a software capable to answer all those questions with an integrated solution. There are two kinds of companies that take most advantages from the implementation of a transportation software system:

  • Transport service customers: they request Full Truck Load – FTL or Less Than Truckload - LTL. Main requests are: contract management, cost control, delivery track&trace
  • Transport service providers: they offer FTL/LTL services. Thay can also act as sub-providers at domestic or international level. Main requests are related to shipment planning route optimization, fleet control (vehicles and resources), delivery track&trace (a service rendered to purchasing or final customer)


The real added value of a Transportation Management System project is the correct sizing and a sensible choice of technologies. Beta 80 Group offers Transportation Management Systems by taking advantage of the best technologies and products available and adapting interventions to real needs. The client's size, his national or international presence and the type of services to be offered condition the choice of a Transportation Management System platform.


Transportation Management System solutions developed by Beta 80 Group give a complete functional cover of Transportation problems. Transport planning and scheduling; managing waybills and dockets (grouping of several waybills in the same journey); pre-invoicing and improving efficiency in control of invoices payable; managing transport supplier contracts; exchange of data to and from the carrier; managing cash on delivery; managing stock in hand and exceptions with the carrier.
For carriers that do not deal with pre-invoicing: checking off the stated journeys and checking compliance of costs with the data supplied directly by the carrier.


Transportation Management System solutions developed by Beta 80 Group are guaranteed by support and assistance in line with the needs expressed by the client and agreed at the time the service is defined. The options available range from basic cover - during the day in office hours - right down to total 24x7x365 cover with 1-hour intervention times.