The traditional warehouse has to make the workers’ operations as easy as possible and adapt to the physical layouts, production/logistic flows and type of shipments in the best way possible. Stockager® is the Beta 80 proprietary platform that maximises warehouse efficiency. Its high configurability level, extreme flexibility and parametrization allow it to quickly adapt to the situations, meet the changeable logical or physical conditions and adjust to the operators’ different requirements.


½Stockager® lets you organise an efficient in-house logistics by supporting operators in all warehouse handling operations. Stockager® guarantees the traceability of all warehouse operations, and makes managing the life cycle of the lots possible from production up to final shipment, including traceability of the single items by managing serial numbers. Thanks to its web architecture and the possibility to configure warehouses from 5 to over 250 users, Stockager® lets you easily manage single or multiple warehouses in different locations having different sizes and characteristics. With more than 100 installations in Italy and around the world, Stockager® is the proprietary Warehouse Management System of Beta 80 Group, the warehouse automation leader. Stockager® integrates with the Beta 80 Group SCM Suite and with all ERP systems on the market.


½Beta 80’s 30 years of experience in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain have won over the confidence of Italian and international customer. Warehouses that adopt Beta 80’s Stockager WMS are located in Italy, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, China, India and Bangladesh. Every customer/warehouse is followed by a dedicated customer service measured with signed SLAs and monitored with a special ticketing system.



½Via web in all languages. Stockager® is a totally web-based system, and the platform can be accessed with a simple browser. The new operator stations or new websites are easy to integrate in the system, without installing dedicated software on the PC. Stockager® is a native multilingual warehouse management system and is provided with a specific support for Oriental languages. Guide with a radio frequency system. Stockager® has a radio frequency module containing all the functions for managing the products in the warehouse. Stockager® controls inventories in real time and guides the operator throughout all product loading, preparation or processing phases, up to arranging the products on the vehicle for shipment. RFID, Voice, Pick To Light, Pick&Pack. Provide automatic identification with RFID technology. Use an optional module for the voice terminals that lets the operator guide the system by voice and work with hands free. Check the relevant operations or manage sortation with the light picking function. Optimise the routes for picking and for lowering the stock to the picking locations. Define the groupage using Stockager®. Manage multi-order carts, RTLS (Real Time Location System), smartglasses. Guarantee statistics and information in real time. Stockager® has available information on quantities, locations, conditions and history of every single item in the warehouse, and it supports annual and rotating inventory. Stockager® has an integrated module for generating highly detailed handling statistics. Perfect planning and check the KPIs. Calculate the time scheduled based on the workload in the system. This offers detailed planning for the necessary personnel. Specific dashboards supply the summary view of the KPIs to check.