Mutual trust and the desire to develop are the hallmarks of a profitable professional relationship.
In Beta 80 Group we work to preserve and increase the level of professionalism of our collaborators, in a context of mutual investment.
With our special attention to this, the working environment is a place for training and continuous education, both for those who are entering the world of work and those who are at a more advanced stage of their career. Measuring up to and comparing yourself with others during daily activities are privileged occasions for that constant improvement and striving for excellence, which are the cornerstones of our organization. Technical and managerial training, combined with a personnel management that is characterized by continuous improvement, gives support to our company's development. Professional career paths in Beta 80 Group follow the shape of the company supply, in the Emergency Management, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Solutions areas.
Given Beta 80 Group's ability to welcome new staff and the desire to contribute to the education of our youngest members, we maintain a constant relationship with schools and universities, and offer students various opportunities for work experience.

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