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Beta 80 and young people


Beta 80 has always taken care of young people. It has always offered to High Schools, Universities and IFTS its competence on the IT market and in general on the labor market for the orientation to young people with targeted interventions and with the planning of ad hoc training interventions.


Beta 80 offers the possibility to host high school students in the company through the alternation between school and work; it guarantees to the university students the possibility to carry out the apprenticeship to complete the cycle of studies or to begin measuring themselves in the world of work immediately after the studies; finally, to face to skill shortage, Beta 80 is active in the territory with short and medium-term projects, to build the skills needed to meet corporate needs through Academies or IFTS training projects.

In each of these cases, although changing the purpose of the intervention, we guarantee a path aimed at building skills that can be spent with the help of HR tutorship and technical delivery.

We anticipate a process that allows the young to settle in, continue a theoretical training and experiment gradually from situations “protected” to operational situations within our work teams. The metaphor that we often use to describe how we operate is that of learning to swim: it is essential to familiarize with water, to have a good teacher who addresses, corrects, incites the possibility of experimenting first where the water is low, then in the open sea. Always under the eyes of the teacher and with the certainty that appropriately challenged and supported you can make great strides.


The Academy is a formula with which Beta 80, in partnership with the main players in the labor market, introduces young people with a university background in computer science or technology, to whom it proposes specialized training aimed at job placement.

6 weeks of classroom in which theoretical lessons and workshops alternate, all designed and accompanied by our champions, dedicated to transmitting knowledge and supervising practical exercises. After the Academy, we start in the company! The training does not end, but continues, supervised by a tutor, who has the task of facilitating the entry of the young, let him continue the training to help him be operative.