Non-Emergency Medical Services

116 117


116 117 PSAPs are a key contact point for citizens in need of special assistance. It is also an important monitoring, response and planning station for all non-emergency medical activities, serving fragile patients and caregivers in their time of need. This is a very important part of the healthcare service and it needs the right tools and technology to deliver the best service. Beta 80 has developed a set of software solutions to help PSAPs manage all the daily patient activities that require transport, home care and assistance.

emma CARE

emma CARE, our software suite, supports all non-emergency process phases: Call Taking, Event and service classification, Dispatching, Resource Planning, Data gathering, Budgeting, DB Integrations and different communication modules for special needs patients. With over 20 specific modules it is easily adaptable to each PSAP or contact center’s needs. In particular, the objectives of computerising the COT are:

½Standardise treatment. Create standard procedures for all non-emergency activities so that tasks and data can be shared and monitored. Create a system based on new standard requirements and indicators so that each activity can be fairly evaluated.

½Give more objective assessments. Rely on complete, certain, integrated and easy to consult data.

Ensure efficiency. The process of activating the care service is simple and quick for both the user and the public administration. Feedback data is helpful for scheduling, evaluating and updating the services. The final goal is to maximise the quality of the following activities:
  • Continuity of Care Service– also known as Emergency Medical Service – in which the beneficiary calls a PSAP that, after assessing the medical situation, provides phone consultancy or an intervention at the beneficiary’s home.
  • 116 117 COT Local Contact Centre, dedicated to supervising and collecting requests of particularly fragile patients (oncological, recipients of home care) and to Secondary Transport.