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The Advanced Mobile Location (AML) service is revolutionising emergency call localisation . The service allows callers to automatically send their position via SMS. This service, integrated in the PSAP helps call takers to intervene on site with greater accuracy and speed, even if the areas are remote or unknown. Beta 80 is on the cutting edge in integrating AML technology in PSAPs, in compliance with the European protocols of reference.


½Quickly identify the position of who is reporting an emergency. Quickly and accurately reaching the field.

½Beta 80 provides Advanced Mobile Location (AML) in its in-house developed emma software solution, allowing PSAP to quickly and accurately localize callers with AML enabled smartphones. Beta 80 also helps PSAPs integrate this new technology in their current system, with a flexible and cost-effective service. On top of the AML, Beta 80 provides one of the most complete solution in Europe for localizing callers, which includes, among others, eCall and 112 App components.



There was a small revolution in the world of emergency management in the UK in 2014. Together with other companies, British Telecom created the AML – Advanced Mobile Location service. Enabled smartphones could automatically send an SMS to 112 with the coordinates of their position without the citizen having to perform other actions. Google recently joined the AML development team, which has brought two advantages: offering the service on every Android smartphone in circulation and improving the exchange of data, which now goes beyond the simple SMS.

½The benefits are enormous. An AML smartphone recognises the emergency call and singles out the best method for localising the smartphone (GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, cell triangulation, etc.). It quickly collects the detailed data of the position and send them automatically to the PSAP via SMS. This saves precious time during the intervention since relief is mobilised earlier and more precisely. Moreover, the quality of this localisation can also be dozens of time better than normal “phone cell” localisation today present at the PSAPs the world over.


Beta 80 is one of the first companies in Europe to integrate the AML system after gained enormous experience in implementing the technology. Beta 80 takes an active part in the community supporting AML. In 2016, as a technological supplier of Lombardy AREU, it participated in the European HELP 112 project, whose goal is to analyse the results of the AML service in different member states and report the results.