public safety- tecnologia - continuita operativa

Public Safety

Technology/Operational Continuity


A PSAP must be able to operate in maximum safety with a system that ensures its full operations continuity. Stable systems and infrastructures able to cope with unforeseen events or incidents are needed. Beta 80 develops systems that use technologies and solutions that ensure the continuity of the machines and infrastructures. The goal is to create reliable PSAPs by integrating more and more powerful and higher performing computing solutions that protect the citizens and service professionals.


½For more than 25 years Beta 80 has delivered emergency PSAPs. We are convinced of the importance of designing a consolidated system that guarantees operations even in situations of extreme stress. Our goal is to create a consolidated IT system by planning a path to Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud platforms for a solid and united solution that ensures operational continuity of the services provided to the citizen. Beta 80 stands by the PSAPs in updating their systems to new data virtualisation and protection platforms and in putting their wealth of important information in safe conditions while always guaranteeing normal service to the citizen.




Thanks to its proven System Integration experience and expertise and to its partnerships with the top technological vendors and service providers, Beta 80 offers its customers the expertise necessary to guide them toward the right structural and technological consolidation solution. Beta 80 is a partner of Dell EMC, HP, HP Enterprise, Microsoft, Stratus Technologies and VMware, and has also received Cloud Enabling Partner certification from Telecom Italia to supply services on the IaaS and PaaS platforms of the SPC Cloud framework.




Achieve standardisation and coordination of all EMS (Emergency Medical Services) activities throughout the Lombardy region.


AREU, (Azienda Regionale Emergenza Urgenza – Regional Emergency Service), responsible for management of the operations of the supplementary Emergency Medical Services (EMS) hospitals for the Lombardy region, bases its application infrastructure on Stratus servers. The main goal of AREU is to promote ongoing improvement of the personnel’s skills, the service’s processes, organisation, technology and knowledge. This includes management of the EMS calls for the service and coordination of the services for transporting tissues and organs. In 2009 AREU was also responsible for the launch of 112, the emergency service in Italy strategic for distributing three first level PSAPS over the territory. AREU chose the Beta 80 CAD platform running on Stratus ftServer systems.