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Emergency & Crisis

Control Room & Business Continuity


Multiple events, both natural and sparked off by people, can endanger business, the safety of personnel and the service expectations of customers. Large organisations need technological systems able to guarantee safe conditions and operational continuity, and to protect assets and resources. emma Business Protection, with advanced protocols and technologies, supports business in the cases of emergency in order to always operate with peace of mind and efficiency.


½Provide companies not only with planning of the countermeasures to activate in the case of a crisis, but also with the ability to manage any incidents with automated and coordinated processes. Configure preventive interception. Forecast critical situations. Intervene promptly. Beta 80 emma Crisis Management platform observes the paradigm of the Incident Command System. It simplifies complex situations, makes delicate operations clear and speeds up complex activities. It meets all these needs and integrates with the leading products on the market for planning and for best executing the protocols in case of an incident.


Beta 80 offers an innovative technological system to strengthen emergency response capabilities. Coordinate interventions thanks to strategies planned in peacetime. Allow ongoing operations based on automated and coordinated processes. Provide the tools to support the requirements of customers and partners. Overcome all possible emergencies by exploiting advanced management technologies to protect people, property and correct operations.


The Beta 80 emma platform offers a way to carefully manage the information on the emergency event and particularly allows users to:

  • Know what one is doing, where the emergency vehicles are located, what critical issues are under way and at what point the planned solutions are.
  • Immediately notify the responsible parties of the activities, and allow them to communicate at what point they are in real time and in mobility.
  • Automatically identify interlocutors and alternative solutions.
  • Have a picture of the situation for management and for the crisis manager.





The emma Crisis Management platform is expanded with Intelligent Notification tools used both to notify those in charge of the single activities and to immediately activate the crisis committee or the people responsible to manage the adverse situation. The Intelligent Notification tools let you use multiple communication channels and to implement the call tree, in this way being able to call the back-up interlocutors if the contact people cannot be reached. These tools also offer the possibility to interact with the system and to give structured feedback, without the need to access the application.


The Beta 80 emma Crisis Management platform integrates the main notification platforms, and MIR3 in particular.


½Plan a correct organisational model to protect your assets.

Business Protection, aimed at maintaining operational continuity in adverse situations, must be managed in a comprehensive manner by the entire organisation, which must have rules of conduct, procedures and tools to ensure the protection of its strategic assets and maintain operational continuity at the same time. Beta 80 Crisis Management system is designed with the ISO 223301 standard. It is developed in awareness that the IT part can be of enormous help, but in no way, can it replace a correct organisational model and refined procedures.
emma – compared to the four cornerstones of the standard – (Plan | Do | Check | Act) – focuses on the Do phase, that is the activities connected with the management and surmounting of the crisis.

The emma system natively integrates with other IT tools to cover the overall Business Protection process. More specifically for the Planning, Plan Maintenance and Business Impact Analysis portion, the solution is natively integrated with Orbit.
Orbit nativamente.


½Intercept the alarms. Make a correlation between signals. Monitor the situations and the regularity of business.

These are the first steps for protecting one’s assets. Thanks to the preventive interception of anomalous situations, the intervention can be prompt and let you prevent the situation from becoming critical. Interception has already been addressed by many technology vendors, from video surveillance and burglar systems to temperature controls and pressure in protected environments. Nonetheless, the presence of different sensors makes supervision, monitoring and the correlation of signals difficult.


Rather than integrate one by one and point by point with the single sensors, Beta 80’s solution natively integrates with ONE, made by Consorzio Stone, which displays all signals under a unified interface. In this way, control rooms can perform correlation operations between them and send specific alarm signals to the emma platform.