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Public Safety

Technology/Large-Scale Emergency Management


The response to a large-scale emergency involves many agencies and on-field personnel. The right technology is essential to coordinate, notify, monitor and intervene when necessary. Beta 80’s emma for crisis technology has been developed to cover all emergency phases: from planning to implementing to post-emergency recovery and relief. It provides all the right tools needed to assist citizen and emergency service professional in time of crisis.


½Beta 80’s goal is to simplify the complexity of a large-scale emergency by coordinating the resources and personnel , who have the appropriate skills, capabilities and qualifications. Beta 80 leverages technology make each task as easy as possible, allowing you to:

  • prepare a solid database of contacts and resources.
  • alert the appropriate personnel in the shortest time.
  • strengthen the right resources in every moment of an emergency.

Beta 80’s solution integrates automatic tools the let you promptly notify the parties involved and intercept their response. Notifications are dispatched with intelligent notification tools by email, SMS or voice call (Interactive Voice Response – IVR).


Take the right decisions and plan the single activities.

½Thanks to the Beta 80 platform emma , it is possible to manage particularly complex emergencies with enhanced supervision and control. In peacetime you can enter the crucial information, such as the data on the local area, responders and volunteers, to recover them easily when necessary. Execution of every activity is then delegated to the single specific forces, thus assuring a punctual and well-organised service. Thanks to the system, it is possible to get updates on the operations and check their progress by comparing the results against what has been planned to take the right decisions, all the time.

Beta 80 Group The Tavolo®. Supervise Emergencies. 

½The Tavolo® is a unique touch screen table for PSAPs and Emergency Operations Centers that deal with large-scale emergencies. It combines an innovative software and multi-touch screen capabilities to support decision-making and information-sharing between different sources. It collects and displays on a map all information coming from your CAD. It shows live events, dispatches and real-time data through a standard communication protocol. The Tavolo® can be integrated with any CAD system.