Public Safety

Technology/Mobile Emergency Solutions


The PSAP fits in the palm of your hand. Receive reports from citizens using mobile devices. Accurately localise the caller. Quickly involve responders and agents. Be updated in real time with multimedia data. For years Beta 80 has developed a wide range of mobile solutions for agents and citizens. Thanks to its range of tablet, smartphone application and cloud solutions, responders can now carry with them effective tools, so they can classify and precisely detail the status of the operations.



½Mobility and collaborative technologies deeply change the way officers and agents work in the field and the way citizen communicate. Through advanced innovation, Beta 80 offers the right mobile solutions to support all agents involved in emergency operations. Thanks to Beta 80’s wide range of smartphone and tablet apps, agents can now quickly communicate and share data. This real-time communication between PSAPs, agents and citizen improves the Public Safety system, and is key in the Next Generation transition. Beta 80, backed by its over 25 years’ experience, develops and delivers the best mobile solutions for all emergency types and phases.




Beta 80 offers a wide range of mobile solutions for operators in the field and for citizens in difficulty. Agile and quick tools are necessary in a rescue operation to communicate precisely with the PSAP. Beta 80 has developed tools such as In Primis, the smartphone solution used by 118 Smart Hub operators, a tablet solution for operators of ambulances and fire brigade vehicles, first responders, an app for the citizens who lend first aid and the official Where ARE U app for 112. These are today being used by many regions and citizens to protect safety and to improve the exchange of data and information between the operators, making rescue operations safer.




Manage all emergency operations with a complete application.

Smart Hub is designed to contain many key functions common to all First Responders (EMTs, Firefighters and police forces). These functions have specific process management modules so that the method of intervention, reports and scene data is customised and recorded. Smart Hub acts as a binder of information including: operation reports, police records, reports on patients customised for ambulances, intervention reports or inspection reports for the fire brigade. Smart Hub also includes an app for road or air navigation that shows the position of the tablet/smartphone or of the designated unit to send the status and operation report of the vehicle to the PSAP in real time.


½A new way to contact PSAPs: this emergency call app sends the exact position and the precise data of the caller through a simple application. Cut rescue time and help the people receive aid in difficult situations.

Where ARE U app by emma is a free app that leverages the smartphone localisation tools to help PSAPs rapidly and accurately identify those who need help.
Thanks to the “mute” mode, you can ask for help by simply pressing a button. This provides service even to users who cannot talk or identify where they are located. The app is active in all areas served by the emma CAD system, but can be used to also call other areas. In this case, the app will directly forward the call to the emergency number of the zone where you are located. Where ARE U is currently active in Lombardy, Liguria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige, Eastern Sicily and in the province of Rome.




Send information reports to the rescue vehicles from the smartphone.

In PrimisInvio Progressivo Report Informativi Mezzi Impegnati Soccorso – (sending of progressive information reports to rescue vehicles) is a private application developed by AREU and Beta 80 for Android mobile devices dedicated to Basic Rescue Vehicles (BRV). The purpose is to make the flow of communication between BRVs and the Regional Emergency Control Rooms (SOREU) quicker, easier and more functional. The app, which can be directly associated with a vehicle and a user, allows the mission sheet with all the data necessary for the rescue to be received and to transmit and update the statuses of a mission. The rescuer can also easily and intuitively fill in the patient sheet directly from the app. The app therefore lets you receive direct information necessary for the mission and patient with the least possible amount of effort.


½Promptly notify the first responders if there is an emergency in the area. Increase the population’s safety with prompt and efficient communication.

Thanks to Beta 80’s app, all certified First Responders can be alerted. By using the push notifications, volunteers in the vicinity are notified of the presence of a rescue that can be reached by foot in only a few minutes. The responder notifies the PSAP of their plan to go to the site and after reaching it, the PSAP will know that they arrived using the GPS system. To make the activity simpler, the app is integrated with the navigator (to reach the site of the event) and has help functions to perform CPR.




Integrate the different first aid medical devices in a single system. Facilitate the collection and sharing of data so evaluation of the patient is more precise.

Zulu Medical is a platform registered in the register of innovative start-ups and is a partner of Beta 80. It integrates medical devices in order to collect, share and consult the clinical and environmental data so as to make first aid easier. Supply responders a set of coordinated information to accurately assess the conditions of a patient. The Zulu platform particularly lets you:

  • Monitor the clinical course of a patient in an emergency not at hospital with the possibility of sharing collected data (patient’s medical history, biomedical parameters, services rendered, drugs administered, gathering of environmental data, photos and voice notes) in real time.
  • Improve the clinical practice, the impact of health in people, the accuracy of the information and optimisation of costs.
  • Use a totally customisable, simple and intuitive software interface based on the customer’s needs.

The Zulu platform obtained CE certification as a medical device and is accompanied by a national patent that covers the entire infrastructure. The ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 company certifications also ensure that the data is collected and processed professionally, safely and is protected, in compliance with the privacy regulations.