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Public Safety

Technology/Next Generation


Next Generation Communications are our future’s biggest challenge, bringing radical innovation to public safety worldwide. This new system will transform the way information is shared in emergencies and revolutionize the way Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) operate and gather data, people and resources. Whether Law enforcement, Fire or EMS agencies, Beta 80 Group offers the best solutions to enable streamlined and efficient delivery of Next Generation emergency calls and dispatch.


½New data transmission technologies will revolutionize emergency response, modifying how PSAP receive and share information. Soon PSAPs will operate with Next Generation protocols, allowing both voice and multimedia (including voice, text messaging, photo, video, telematics data, and so on) to flow organically into the networks and be forwarded to the units in the field. It’s imperative to keep pace of the new technologies, integrating new ways to exchange information with dispatchers, first responders, citizens as well as external sources of data.


½Next Generation integration is both a challenge and an opportunity to greatly enhance emergency response. Beta 80 Group is ready to prepare every PSAP with our Next Generation solutions. Our CAD system integrates with the main communication platforms to provide Call Taking, Computer Aided Dispatch, Mapping, Mobile Apps, Radio Integration and Reporting services for EMS, Fire, Law, 112 and 911 centers. Beta 80 not only offers the technology for this structural transformation, but support customers in this important transition with proper planning, expertise and training on new processes and new features related to the Next Generation. With every update to its solutions, Beta 80 seeks to bring public safety agencies the latest technology – while continuing to adhere to industry standards.