Non-Emergency Medical Services

Planned Secondary Transport


Every day health facilities handle the transfers of patients between different care facilities. The task is delicate because in addition to considering the health and need of the patient, operational dynamics as well have to be managed: most appropriate leg, appointments, personnel, equipment and calendar. With the emma Planned Secondary Transport solution, Beta 80 simplifies the job of booking the vehicle and transferring the patient, and always offers the best option for each person and vehicle.


emma Planned Secondary Transport helps planning secondary transport and allows the health facilities to provide the patients with the best possible treatments. The system can operate integrated with the EMS emergency medical services telephone service since the secondary transport module is natively integrated with the emergency medical platform.

The application system considers that the service can be managed directly (facility-owned vehicles) or through third party associations. It then lets them draw up reports on the activities.


The benefits that the emma Planned Secondary Transport solution offers are:

  • promptly respond to the requests while giving precedence to the most urgent transfers
  • define and update the request calendar
  • optimise occupancy of the hospital facilities and use of the vehicles
  • assign the most adequate equipment to the requests
  • track the activities, monitor the teams and record the service data

In very concise terms, the functions are:

  • Transport booking
  • Single transport booking
  • Scheduled transport booking
  • Selection and Master Data of the Transport Operator
  • Selection and Master Data of the Vehicles
  • Mileage calculation
  • Transport for the day mimic panel
  • Posting of information online
  • Transport booking via the web
  • Completion of transport details (by transport supplier)
  • Transport reporting
  • Transport price list configuration
  • Transport optimisation
  • Extraction of reports by supplier